Todd Cassese

"Quinnipiac University shares my value that family comes first."

Creative thinking

"As an educator, I have had several experiences in my first year at Quinnipiac that have been transformational. These include the chance to develop a medical school curriculum from scratch, using an evidence-based approach. In addition, I have been encouraged to think creatively about new educational strategies by faculty members throughout the institution. This type of cross pollination of educational ideas does not exist in many other places."

Build something

"What makes Quinnipiac so unique is that accomplishments are shared. I have joined a dedicated and collaborative group of faculty at the medical school. Together, we have drafted a novel curriculum in medical education and created policies and procedures that will guide the School for many years to come. This opportunity to help forge a new medical school was essential in my recruitment and might well prove to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be involved on the ground floor in medical education."

Family first

"Quinnipiac has policies that are open to children on the campus. I am given the flexibility I need to ensure that my family is well cared for and that my time with them is quality time. I have taken advantage of faculty benefits that include attending Quinnipiac athletic events with my family and using the athletic facilities to exercise. I've also used the free on-campus parking to take advantage of recreational activities near campus."

Search now for your own opportunity to take the lead.


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