Economics majors follow a diverse course of study to prepare them for today's global economy. They gain a strong background in broad historical and policy issues, the role of the market economy and the development of core economic theories.

Students examine the development and application of economic theory. Such study requires that the student consider questions relating to social goals and policies, the role of a market economy in attaining those goals, and the relationship between market and non-market institutions.

Specialized courses are offered in line with the student's interests, such as environmental economics, law and economics, international economics, labor economics and public finance.

Economics is an excellent background for advanced studies in law, accounting, business administration and public service.

Some of our recent economics graduates have found successful careers in government and business, not only as economists but as buyers, systems analysts, lawyers, securities analysts, bankers, stockbrokers, sales managers and researchers. They've found rewarding work at prestigious firms like Morgan Stanley and GE Capital, Travelers and Liberty Mutual.

Other graduates have gone on to graduate schools to further their education.

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