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BA in Spanish Language and Literature

Our Spanish language and literature majors explore the rich diversity of Spanish cultures, develop written and oral skills in the Spanish language, increase their understanding of the art and history of Spain and Latin America and encounter the major literary works in Spanish.

Studying the day-to-day communications of Spanish-speaking people in the U.S. and abroad has major cultural benefits, as well as a unique value in the workplace. Facility in Spanish and awareness of aspects of Hispanic cultures are valuable assets in many important careers.

Our Spanish majors are prepared for careers in:
  • International business
  • Journalism and mass communications
  • Health care
  • Government
  • Education
  • Criminal justice
  • Law
  • Many others

The program also draws on the resources of other departments of the College of Arts and Sciences -- such as anthropology, history and political science – as well as Quinnipiac’s schools of Business, Communications and Health Sciences to introduce multicultural issues in American life.

Double majors are encouraged.

Curriculum + Requirements

The program has three components: Spanish language (written and oral); culture of Spain and Latin America; and major literary works in Spanish. The Spanish major consists of 36 credits, in all of which the grade of C or higher must be achieved. At least 18 credits of the 36 credits required for the major must be completed on campus. 

The Spanish major consists of 36 credits as follows:

1. Written and oral fluency in Spanish (9 credits)
Demonstrated by completing the following courses or their equivalent:

SP 301: Advanced Spanish I (3 credits)
SP 302: Advanced Spanish II (3 credits)
SP 312*: Advanced Spanish Conversation (3 credits)
*This course might be waived for students with demonstrated proficiency in oral Spanish— those students would take three additional credits in component 2 or 3.

2. Cultural literacy (12 credits), including a familiarity with Hispanic cultures and fine arts, historical and sociopolitical matters, and/or linguistics.
Demonstrated by completing 12 credits in courses on Spanish culture or Spanish American culture taught in Spanish.

Possible courses include:
SP 343 Culture of Spain (3 credits)
SP 370 History of the Romance Languages (3 credits)
SP 373 Latin American Culture I (3 credits)
SP 374 Latin American Culture II (3 credits)
SP 376 Spanish Caribbean (3 credits)

3. Knowledge of major works of literature written in Spanish (12 credits)
Demonstrated by completing 12 credits in courses on Spanish or Spanish-American literature taught in Spanish.

Possible courses include:
SP 317 Approaches to Literary Genres (3 credits)
SP 321 Masterpieces of Spanish Literature (3 credits)
SP 328 Spanish-American Literature from Conquest to 1880 (3 credits)
SP 329 Spanish-American Literature from 1880 to the Present (3 credits)
SP 335 19th-Century Literature of Spain (3 credits)
SP 348 Spanish Drama and Poetry of the Golden Age (3 credits)
SP 371 Contemporary Literature in Spanish (3 credits)

4. SP 450 Senior Seminar (3 credits)

Honor Society

The department rewards students who do outstanding work in Spanish language courses with membership in Sigma Delta Pi, the national Spanish language honor society.

Minor in Spanish

The minor offers students a solid foundation in Spanish and a well-rounded entry to Spanish-speaking cultures with practical benefits in travel and work.

Requirements for the minor include at least six courses (18 credits), all of which must be taught in Spanish. At least two of the six courses must be at the 300 level. In all courses for the minor a grade of C or higher must be achieved. Independent studies may not count toward minor. At least nine credits must be taken on campus.