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BA in Philosophy

Philosophy—linguistically "the love of wisdom." Wondering, asking questions and wondering, asking more questions about possible answers or ways of working with the questions. This is how one pursues wisdom, how one does philosophy. The discipline has served as both foundation for and accompaniment of developments in science, the arts, and religion--to all of which it is connected and about all of which it continues to ask meaningful questions.

The courses offered in the BA cover various fields of philosophy (logic, ethics, history of philosophy, etc.) and relate to personal life, to issues in the larger world, and to the professions.

Students studying philosophy at Quinnipiac Univeristy develop analytical and research skills in philosophical inquiry as they explore the history of philosophy and the current status of the main problems in epistemology, metaphysics and ethics. Students complete the major with a senior seminar in which they isolate and define a specific philosophical question that they explore in a senior thesis.

QU philosophy students say:

"Philosophy to me, represents the freedom to think creatively and intellectually, formulate ideas, and develop a deeper understanding of knowledge. It allows us to fill the spaces within our minds with pure discovery. Simply put, it is an amazing experience to experience," says Julena Frazer '12.

"The neat thing is that there are no definitive answers in philosophy, so it demands imagination and creativity from its students. Quinnipiac's dedicated and talented faculty help foster these traits, and are wonderful guides to this enriching subject," explains Brendan Cline '10.

"As a Master's student in Philosophy of Science [at Indiana University], the philosophical mode of inquiry I learned at QU has helped me to appreciate the foundations and limitations of phenomena as seemingly concrete as evolutionary biology and classical mechanics. But more importantly, it has granted me an ability to write, to think critically, and to be conversant in a wide variety of disciplines. Philosophy is the essence of a balanced education," said Travis Weisse '11.

Your career in law, medicine, or business will take off from your studies in philosophy!*

Philosophy majors:

  • Have the highest medical school admissions rate (50%)
  • Have the highest mean GRE verbal scores and mean GRE analytical writing scores
  • Outperform almost all other majors in LSAT scores. (Only physics/math majors do better.)
  • Rank better on the GMAT, on average, than all business, humanities, social science and arts majors


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Curriculum + Requirements

The BA in philosophy requires the completion of 36 credits distributed as follows, with a minimum grade of C in all courses. No more than six credits of independent study (PL 299, PL 396, PL 399) may count toward completion of the major.

Philosophy core requirements (18 credits):

Course Title Credits
PL 101 Introduction to Philosophy 3
PL 202 Logical Reasoning 3
PL 220 Ethics & Human Values 3
PL 332 Ancient Philosophy 3
PL 333 Modern Philosophy 3
PL 401 Senior Seminar 3

Electives (18 credits). Six philosophy courses or cognates

A. Philosophy courses:

Course Title Credits
PL 217 Social & Political Philosophy 3
PL 222 Bioethics 3
PL 234 Philosophies of Health, Healing & Medicine 3
PL 235 Philosophy of Science 3
PL 236 Philosophy of Language 3
PL 237 Philosophy of Mind 3
PL 238 Philosophy of Technology & Social Transformation 3
PL 240 Philosophy of Sport 3
PL 250 Philosophy of Art 3
PL 265 Living Religions of the World 3
PL 266 Diverse Global Philosophies 3
PL 267 Philosophy of Religion 3
PL 299 Independent Study in Philosophy 3
PL 312 Philosophy of War & Peace 3
PL 320 Thought & Work of Albert Schweitzer 3
PL 330 Philosophy & Gender 3
PL 331 Philosophy of Humor 3
PL 334 Medieval Philosophy 3
PL 335 Contemporary Philosophy 3
PL 337 Human Rights: Theory & Practice 3
PL 338 Paradoxes 3
PL 340 Philosophy of Sex & Love 3
PL 368 Philosophy of Death & Dying 3
PL 395 Critical Game Studies 3
PL 396 Philosophy Internship 1-3
PL 399 Directed Research in Philosophy 3

B. Cognate courses: In addition to philosophy courses, a student may count up to two of the following courses toward completion of the philosophy major:

Course Title Credits
CSC 350 Intelligent Systems 3
HS 312 Ancient Greece 3
PO 215 Political Theory 3
PO 216 American Political Thought 3
PO 315 Democratic Theory & Practice 3
SO 201 Sociological Theory 3

Minor in Philosophy

This minor offers an adventure in thinking and talking about our own ideas as well as those of great philosophers, past and present, with reference to the moral life, power and wealth, and man's relation to nature and the future of the planet. To include: PL 101 and five courses in philosophy (18 credits).