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BA in Criminal Justice

Quinnipiac's distinctive criminal justice degree program offers students a well-integrated education, placing criminal and deviant behavior within a wider sociological context. Students are exposed to courses ranging from crime response philosophy to public policy in criminal justice.

Carefully structured internships assure students of practical applications of theoretical material. Upon successful degree completion, students are prepared to continue their education or assume careers in law enforcement, corrections, law, social work, public administration, teaching, international peacekeeping and many fields related to crime control and administration of justice.

Curriculum + Requirements

Criminal Justice Core Requirements (25 credits)

Course Title Credits
CJ 101 Crime & Society 3
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology 3
CJ 205 From College to Careers 1
SO 241 Race & Ethnicity 3
CJ 241 Police & Policing 3
CJ 261 Prisons & Jails 3
CJ 290 Criminal Justice Research Methods 3
CJ 392 Internship Seminar 3
CJ 385 Senior Seminar in Criminal Justice 3

Take one course from the following crime typologies options:

Course Title Credits
CJ 232 Women in the Criminal Justice System 3
CJ 240 Organized Crime 3
CJ 250 Youth Crime 3
CJ 253 Sexual Violence 3
CJ 271 Public Order Crime 3

Take one course from the following criminal justice in practice options:

Course Title Credits
LE 225 Dispute Resolution 3
CJ 243 Investigative Techniques 3
CJ 261 Probation, Parole & Community Corrections 3
PS 283 Introduction to Forensic Psychology 3
CJ 299 Special Topic* 3

* Can count as either a crime typologies or criminal justice in practice option.

Take two of the following advanced elective options:

Course Title Credits
CJ 320 Victimology 3
CJ 330 Perspectives on Violence 3
CJ 333 Drugs, Alcohol & Society 3
CJ 343 Forensic Issues in Law Enforcement 3
CJ 355 Crime & Media 3
SO 360 Sociology of Mental Illness 3
CJ 370 Constitution, Ethics & Policing 3
CJ 394 Advanced Internship Seminar 3
CJ 399 Special Topics 3

Minor in Criminal Justice

For the criminal justice minor, students must complete 15 credits in criminal justice studies at any level, and one 300-level criminal justice class for a total of 18 credits. Students should meet with the program director to select courses that are most related to their major field. A student majoring in gerontology or sociology can minor in criminal justice. Courses taken for the minor may not count toward the major. Courses for the major may not count toward the minor.