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BA in Gerontology

Quinnipiac is one of the few universities to offer an undergraduate major that anticipates one of the growing realities in our society: the rise in the number of older Americans.

Because the effects of an aging population are so far-reaching, the program is based on interdisciplinary studies, including courses from sociology, psychology, biology, philosophy and law.

Gerontology majors also complete two semester-long internships in public or private agencies involved directly with the elderly, such as senior centers, retirement complexes, hospitals, rehabilitation facilities, community aging services, case management agencies and nursing homes.

Students are prepared to continue their education or assume careers in aging-related areas such as social work, law, public health, medicine, health administration and public policy.

Curriculum + Requirements

Gerontology Core Requirements (43 credits):

1. Required Courses for the major in gerontology

Course Title Credits
SO 101 Introduction to Sociology* 3
PS 101 Introduction to Psychology* 3
GT 205 From College to Career 1
GT 263 Sociology of the Aged 3
PS 234 Adult Development Psychology 3
BMS 200 Biology of Aging* 3
GT 381 Research Methods 3
GT 382 Studying Social Issues with Statistics 3
GT 385 Senior Capstone 3

2. Two internships in the community

Course Title Credits
GT 392 Internship in the Community 3
GT 394 Advanced Internship in the Community 3

3. Two courses from the following:

Course Title Credits
SO 241 Racial and Ethnic Groups* 3
SO 244 Social Stratification* 3
SO 255 Sociology of Families* 3
SO 264 Social Welfare Institutions 3
SO 266 Population and Society* 3
SO 280 Illness and Disability* 3
SO 305 Death, Grief and Bereavement 3
PL 220 Ethics and Human Values* 3
PL 234 Philosophies of Health, Healing and Medicine* 3
PL 368 Life & Life After Death 3
PS 325 Health Psychology 3
Any PT or OT course

*These courses also satisfy University Curriculum requirements.

4. Two courses from the following:

Course Title Credits
GT 270 Program Planning and Administration 3
GT 300 Special Topics 3
GT 305 Death, Grief and Bereavement 3
GT 311 Introduction to Social Work 3
GT 315 Case Management 3
GT 318 Therapeutic Recreation 3
GT 325 Counseling Older Clients 3

Minor in Gerontology

For the gerontology minor, students should work with the program director to select 18 credits of course work in gerontology. A student majoring in criminal justice or sociology can minor in gerontology. Courses taken for the minor may not count toward the major. Courses for the major may not count toward the minor.