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BA in Theater

The theater major is a preprofessional program that prepares students for careers or graduate studies in areas such as theater production, theater administration, theater education and drama therapy. The program is distinctive in its applied focus.

Each student majoring in theater is strongly encouraged to pursue a secondary program in a specified area, such as education (the courses required by the MAT program), sociology, psychology, political science or history (studies to support the emphasis in community and theater), business or communication (to augment a focus in theater administration) or media production (to augment a focus in theater production).

Students are required to complete an internship during their junior or senior year of study. Possible internship sites include the Hartford Stage, The Barrow Group Theatre Company and other professional theaters in the New York area (for administration and educational theater), the West Haven VA Hospital, the Clifford Beers Institute and area elementary and secondary schools (educational theater). The BA in theater allows students to explore their interests in performance areas (acting, directing, playwriting) while gaining the education and work experience to secure employment or to pursue graduate training upon graduation.

Quinnipiac's Theater for Community immerses drama students in all aspects of theater--from acting and directing to lighting and stage design. The program creates productions designed to enlighten, heal and bring about change. The performances raise provocative questions that engage the performers as well as the audience.

From the beginning, students are involved in a different kind of theatrical experience, researching the underlying issues and talking to key players--those whose experiences mimic those of the characters.

The program and productions have received praise for their professional quality and artistic integrity. Theater for Community recently received the Region 1 Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival Award for Social Impact.

The theater program produces four mainstage productions a year. In addition, the student theater group, Fourth Wall Theater, produces staged readings, workshops and student-directed productions.

Guest Artists
The theater program has brought distinguished theater artists to candidly discuss their work and interact with drama students. Past guests have included:

  • Anna Deavere Smith, playwright and actress
  • Tim Robbins, actor and director
  • Tina Howe, Pulitzer Prize-winning playwright
  • Joan Schirle, co-artistic director of Dell'Arte Company
  • Dael Orlandersmith, actress and author of "Yellowman"

For more information, please contact Kevin Daly, theater program director, at 203-582-3500 or kevin.daly@quinnipiac.edu.

Curriculum + Requirements

Theater Core Requirements (28 credits)

Course Title Credits
DR 191 Theater Practicum 4
DR 140 Stagecraft 3
DR 160 Introduction to Acting 3
DR 270 History and Dramatic Literature of the World Theater Part I 3
DR 275 History and Dramatic Literature of the World Theater Part II 3
DR 230 Directing for the Theater 3
DR 286 Comparative Drama/Play Analysis 3
DR 310 or DR 410 Seminar/Lab in Community-Focused Theater or Senior Project 3
DR 370 Internship 3

In addition to completing courses for the departmental core, students will complete courses for one of the following four tracks.

Theater Generalist track (9 credits)
Students take nine credits of 200- or 300-level courses chosen from at least two of the following areas: acting, directing, theater history and dramatic literature, design, playwriting, theater production/administration, such as:

  • DR 220 Voice and Movement (3 credits)
  • DR 240, DR 241 or DR 242 Scenic, Lighting or Costume Design (3 credits)
  • DR 260 Acting for Film/TV (3 credits)
  • DR 375 History and Literature of Contemporary Theater (3 credits)
  • DR 350 Playwriting (3 credits)

Theater Education track (9 credits)
Additional requirement courses satisfy State of Connecticut Theatre Arts Certification guidelines for specialized credential in theater.

  • DR 220 Voice and Movement for Actors (3 credits)
  • DR 350 Playwriting (3 credits)
  • DR 305 Theater for Young Audiences (3 credits)

Plus 18 credits in education, as specified by the MAT program. (Electives in applied music are strongly encouraged for theater education students.)

Theater Production/Administration track
This track has been suspended until further notice. Theater production/administration courses are still open (as space allows) to students wishing to explore/study the discipline.

Theater and Community track (9 credits)

  • DR 310 Seminar/Lab in Community Focused Theater (3 credits)
  • DR 350 Playwriting (3 credits)

Plus one additional 200- or 300-level theater course (two courses if Seminar/Lab in Community Focused Theater is taken as core major requirement.)

Minor in Theater

The minor in theater provides students with a background in the primary areas of theater study and production while allowing them the flexibility to explore their particular interests.

Students select courses from an array of offerings in acting, directing, playwriting, design, stagecraft, theater history, theater for community, and theater for young audiences. Students also may earn theater practicum credit by working on the Theater for Community mainstage productions.

Required courses (12 credits):

  • DR 140 Stagecraft (3 credits)
  • DR 160 Introduction to Acting (3 credits)
  • DR 230 Directing or DR 350 Playwriting (3 credits)
  • DR 270 Theater History, Part I or DR 275 Theater History, Part II (3 credits)

Electives (6 credits):

  • Any two 200-400 level DR courses (3 credits each)

Special Opportunities

At Quinnipiac, our students learn from professionals.

We have an affiliation with The Barrow Group Theatre Company in New York City that provides our students with professional mentorship and networking in all areas of theater performance and production ( including: acting, directing, playwriting, stage managing, design, and arts administration).  Our students are also encouraged to audit classes at The Barrow Group's highly regarded professional training center.  

The centerpiece of our relationship with TBG is a New Play Festival that we produce annually in New York City on The Barrow Group's MainStage Theater just steps from Times Square.  The festival includes seven plays written by Quinnipiac students.  Our students also direct, perform, and stage manage the plays.  

The Barrow Group's professional artistic team mentor our students through every step of the preparation process.  In this unique setting our students are exposed to professional practices and develop career-enhancing relationships that will serve them long after they graduate.