Richard Engel of NBC interviews an earthquake survivor in Nepal in front of a helicopter and mountains in the background.

Graduate Academics

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Transform your passion into impact

You've reached an exciting point in your life. You're considering pursuing an advanced degree that will enable you to build upon your undergraduate learning and the experience you've acquired to date. You want to take your career to the next level — or perhaps even start a new one. We're excited that you're considering Quinnipiac and we expect that we have the program and the flexibility that will fit your needs, whether that's part-time, full-time, on campus or online.

Our graduate programs cover the most sought after fields of study today. What makes Quinnipiac unique is that we offer thousands of hands-on opportunities — on campus and around the world — for you to explore and deepen your passion, apply your knowledge and gain adaptable, flexible skills that prepare you for a lifetime.

We'll also put you in direct contact with Fortune 500 companies, Big Four accounting firms, media giants, tech, engineering and aerospace giants, large hospitals and a range of public and charter schools.

No matter your profession, you will leave here extraordinarily well prepared and ready to make an impact. Explore our programs to get started.



The number of graduate-level programs we offer

Graduate programs



The number of our combined undergraduate/graduate degree programs

Dual-degree programs

Career Focused

Molly Qerim, MS ’08, sits behind the desk on set of her show First Take at ESPN headquarters.

Lights, camera, success

Molly Qerim, MS ’08, graduate of the MS in Journalism program, tapes an episode of ESPN’s First Take at ESPN headquarters.

Here is where you get ahead

Our MBA graduates get jobs in the Big Four accounting firms in New York. Our communications graduates find work at ESPN and NBC, on “Dateline” and “Today.” Our law graduates who have chosen a health law concentration have an immediate hand in shaping changes in our national health care system. Our alumni are making an impact in 61 countries around the world. It’s not by chance. Your career success is our sole focus.


Prepared for success

Our graduates say that Quinnipiac prepared them well for success in their careers (2017 annual alumni survey 2017).


Widely recognized

Our physician assistant program’s national ranking, according to U.S. News & World Report


Getting it right

The average first-time exam pass rate for our graduates on their respective licensing exams


Above average

Quinnipiac’s licensing exam first-time pass rate compared to national averages (Class of 2015)

World-Sized Classroom

Nurse anesthetist students observe as a patient receives anesthesia from a doctor in the HEODRA Hospital in León, Nicaragua.

Good health

Nurse anesthetist students traveled to León, Nicaragua, to learn from doctors at HEODRA Hospital.

Opportunity all over the map

We offer a world-sized education where the chance to learn and explore beyond the classroom is key to how we deliver academic innovation and a big part of what makes us different. As a graduate student, you'll have opportunities to join a faculty-led international research trip or do community service down the road in New Haven. Organize and present at conferences in Nicaragua; attend a United Nations peace summit in Spain; help start a desperately needed occupational therapy degree program in Haiti. Spend your summer interning at Goldman Sachs. These are not vacations. The off-campus experience we offer is vital, deeply instructive and life-changing.

“We applied concepts we learned in our classes to the realities of Peru. I learned so much about the challenges that arise when doing business in foreign countries.”
Erika Edlund '15, MBA '16
Erika earned a bachelor's in health science studies and an MBA in health care management in 2016 and spent her spring break in Peru.

Quinnipiac University Online

Mazel Genfi sits in an armchair in the Student Center Piazza with her phone in her hand and computer in her lap.

Your degree — your way and your time

An early adopter of online learning, Quinnipiac University has been perfecting its design and delivery since 2001. Students complete course work on a weekly basis without attending a scheduled class at a particular date or time. We offer a range of online bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees, as well as certificate programs. We offer graduate programs in the following schools: School of Business, School of Communications, School of Education and School of Nursing.

What sets Quinnipiac’s online programs apart is a supportive educational community that encourages personal connections, faculty guidance and peer consultation and collaboration. Our highly experienced staff provides administrative and technical support to both students and faculty seven days a week to help make the learning experience go as smoothly and effectively as possible.

Online programs


Five students talk in lounge chairs in a 2-story lobby, surrounded by an indoor tree, a staircase and large windows.

Space to collaborate

Students connect in the lobby of the Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences on Quinnipiac's North Haven Campus. The campus is home to our Schools of Education, Health Sciences, Law, Medicine and Nursing.


Campuses and Facilities

Our world-class facilities mirror the professional environments that you’ve come to expect

Here, you will work in teams in high-tech classrooms, practice exams in modern simulation labs, take MRI images in state-of-the-industry radiology suites, and argue cases in a courtroom complete with a judge’s chambers and jury deliberation room.

Our campus extends to the hundreds of learning sites provided by our partners: hospitals, corporate offices, schools, newsrooms and research labs. Few places in the country put you into the professional settings we do. 

Our Campuses
Students help perform an abdominal scan on volunteer using a Toshiba MRI-machine

Professional equipment

Quinnipiac first-year graduate students in Bernadette Mele's Advanced Magnetic Resonance Imaging Procedures Lab perform an abdominal scan on volunteer Amanda McCormack in the Diagnostic Imaging Suite in the School of Health Sciences.

Graduate Student Experience

3,000 students, infinite opportunities

At Quinnipiac you’ll find yourself surrounded by hard-working, supportive peers who share your passion and will share in your success. You’ll build lifelong friendships, be part of a strong community and form the network that will frame your professional life.

Our student affairs administrators are dedicated to ensuring that you have the resources to help you succeed. You’ll find a number of student groups to inspire you and deepen your interests, from professional organizations and academic journals to groups that organize community service and free health clinics. You’ll learn from your classmates and be an integral part of their learning.

Adrianna Bicino MHS '17, Madison-Kelly Peltier '16, MAT ’17 and Holly Bisset '15, MAT '17, laugh at the annual holiday dinner

In it together

Our students enjoy being together — both in and out of the classroom. Here, Adrianna Bicino, MHS '17, an occupational therapy graduate student, above, and MAT students Madison-Kelly Peltier '15, MAT ’17 and Holly Bisset '16, MAT '17, right, laugh together during the annual holiday dinner for graduate students on the North Haven Campus.


Four students stand on a large rock at the seashore with the sun setting in the background

At the end of the day

Students relax on the shores of Long Island Sound.


Living in New England

A location that is both powerful and beautiful

Quinnipiac is conveniently located in Southern New England, in the power corridor between New York and Boston — one of the highest concentrations of corporate headquarters, media organizations, private law firms and financial institutions in the United States. Our location, in addition to our extensive network, provides our graduate students with a competitive advantage through access to the best companies and opportunities across industries.

Our 3 scenic campuses offer a small-town feel and a classic New England backdrop of seasonal color, mountains and the nearby beaches of Long Island Sound. In 15 minutes, you can be in New Haven, a city bursting with concerts and arts festivals, museums, restaurants and 3 theaters — plus the Oakdale Theatre, which attracts the nation’s best performers, is only 5 minutes from our campuses. Enjoy a lobster roll on the shoreline, sail around the Thimble Islands in Branford, or tube the gentle rapids of the Farmington River. Mystic Seaport, Boston and New York’s Broadway make great day trips. And don’t forget fall’s cornucopia of traditions, from country fairs to apple picking in some of the nation's best orchards. At the same time, we’re surrounded by Zagat-rated restaurants, museums and art galleries. 


A student and staff member select food options in the dining hall. Visible food station sign reads “Wild Green.”

Something for everyone

Students, faculty and staff take advantage of the many choices available at the North Haven Dining Hall.


Dining Experience

For students with a full plate

For students in the schools of medicine, nursing, health sciences, law and education, rest and free time aren’t always easy to come by. Fortunately, well-balanced and satisfying meals are. The full-service dining facility on our North Haven Campus features the same health-friendly kitchen options as our other campuses, as well as a full deli-bar and the same grab-and-go choices, including Au Bon Pain soups and savory salads made up of more than your average greens.

We designed the dining hall on our North Haven Campus with busy and passionate students in mind — well-furnished and mellow, complete with terrace and patio seating overlooking a tranquil pond. When you get the time to enjoy a full meal, relax. You’ve earned it.

While you’re at it, relax with a hot cup of Peet’s Coffee. We know that coffee is not just a beverage for health care professionals and educators, but a necessity, and Peet's has treated it like a fine art since 1966.

Whether you’re reaching for your first cup of the day or an afternoon pick-me-up, great coffee is always within reach. It’s the least we could do to make early mornings and late nights a little bit easier.


Thomas Frotton ’16, MHS ’18 uses an electronic kiosk machine at Outtakes Quick Cuisine on the North Haven Campus.

Healthy enthusiasm

Busy schedules mean bigger appetites. Students like Thomas Frotton ’16, MHS ’18, are able to eat well, and on a timeframe that works for them.