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Our Campuses

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Students walking between classes in front of the Arnold Bernhard Library on the Mount Carmel Campus.

Going places

Our Mount Carmel Campus is home to most of our first- and second-year students. Our Arnold Bernhard Library, above, offers a wide variety of printed and digital books and publications.

Mount Carmel Campus

Exterior of the Arnold Bernhard Library showing the full-length windows and walkway.

Beautiful and practical

The 48,000-square-foot Arnold Bernhard Library features 600 seats, more than a dozen group meeting spaces and 60 computer terminals.

Mount Carmel Campus

The Mount Carmel Campus is where you'll find your new home away from home. The picturesque quad at the foothills of the Sleeping Giant Mountain is where many students first fall in love with our university. The sprawling lawns lead to the Carl Hansen Student Center, our network of academic classroom buildings and the 600-seat Arnold Bernhard Library.

With a variety of housing options for our first- and second-year students — including traditional, apartment- and suite-style options — you will find the perfect place to grow and develop lifelong friendships. 

Recreation is a big part of living at Quinnipiac. We offer an Athletic and Recreation Center with a suspended track, tennis and basketball courts, top-of-the-line fitness equipment and an ever-evolving lineup of group fitness classes. You also could join one of our many recreational groups, an intramural sports team, initiate a game of beach volleyball or take a hike at Sleeping Giant State Park across the street.


Students walking outside of the North Haven Campus at dusk.

Center for collaboration

The Center for Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences affords students and faculty many opportunities for interdisciplinary learning.

North Haven Campus

North Haven Campus

Our North Haven Campus is home to our undergraduate and graduate education, health sciences, law, medicine and nursing schools. With each of the five professional schools in one sprawling building, hands-on, interdisciplinary learning comes naturally.

Our state-of-the-art facilities help to prepare you for a successful career from day one. We believe that learning is doing — and so you will gain access to MRI and CT Scan equipment as well as cutting-edge SIM and biomechanics labs from your earliest days in our health sciences, medicine and nursing programs. Walking into our specially designed education classes is akin to walking into elementary and middle school classrooms, preparing you for a successful career in education. Our Ceremonial Courtroom in the School of Law prepares our students for careers in litigation while also hosting major events, including Connecticut Supreme Court hearings last fall.

It won't take long to realize that the North Haven Campus was purposefully designed with innovative resources and facilities required to prepare you for an ever-evolving and complex job market.

A downward view of a staircase in the Lynne L. Pantalena Law Library.

Built with you in mind

The Lynne L. Pantalena Law Library houses nearly a half-million volumes, offers access to a vast digital catalog and features a beautiful two-story atrium, three reading rooms and numerous study carrels.


Exterior view of Maynooth University in Ireland, a dedicated partner of Quinnipiac.

Gaining a global perspective

Quinnipiac enjoys a dedicated partnership with Maynooth University in Ireland. The partnership allows an exchange of students, faculty and staff from both institutions.

Global Footprint

The world is our campus

In addition to our 3 primary campuses in Connecticut, our tight, diverse community extends across the country and around the world. From Maynooth University in Ireland to production studios in Los Angeles, you can pursue your passion — wherever that may take you.

Students Brooke Mommsen and Amanda Maruco during a group hike up Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Beginning a professional ascent

Brooke Mommsen '18, left, and Amanda Maruco '18 de-stress in the California sunshine during a group hike up Mount Hollywood in Los Angeles.

Students on a bike tour on the boardwalk in Seville, Spain as part of a global perspectives course.

Blazing international trails

Students travel around the world as part of service learning trips and study-abroad opportunities. Here, students partake in a bike tour through Seville, Spain, as part of a global perspectives course.


From Bobcat gear to textbooks — and everything in between

The university bookstore, with locations on our Mount Carmel and North Haven campuses, is the place to go for all things Quinnipiac. Just steps from your classes, it's your one stop for textbooks, officially licensed merchandise and everyday items, such as greeting cards, snacks and other conveniences.

Students and parents shop for clothing in the university bookstore.


A group of four students study together in a private area of the university library.

Tools for Success

Our libraries offer our students hundreds of thousands of volumes of academic resources, hundreds of seats and dozens of areas for group study.


Inspiring design housing extensive resources

All of the knowledge you seek — from core class references to specialized periodicals — can be found within the walls of our three modern and magnificent libraries. Contemporary design, digital collections and comfortable spots to sit and study make our libraries ideal places to catch up on course work or just read for relaxation.