Quinnipiac University

Chi Omega Big/Little

Starts February 15, 2024 at 9:15 PM (ET)

Ends February 15, 2024 at 10:15 PM (ET)

Location Rocky Top Student Center RTSC 311

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As Chi Omega - Iota Mu Fraternity's New Member Educator, I will be hosting Big/Little Reveal for the two new members (COBs) and a transfer sister from Sacred Heart! Chi omega’s Big/Little Sister program establishes bonds between newer and older members of the sorority, and this reveal occurs after getting to know eligible and interested Big Sisters. After going on dates with the Big Sister over the course of the week following her acceptance of the bid, she will preference the Big Sister she is interested in. The week following will be dedicated to the reveal, with each day presenting a basket to the Little Sister, as well as using this time to plan for the reveal. After approval of the theme, the Big Sister will begin planning the matching shirts for the Big/Little Family to where, as well as designing a bed sheet to stand behind. The reveal will occur one evening in which the “Family” will stand behind the bed sheet decorated with theme and I will bring the New Member into the space and after counting to three and the bed sheet being dropped, the new member will be revealed her family! Pictures are taken following this reveal.

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