Quinnipiac University

Indigeneity Initiative Teach-In

Starts November 9, 2021 on 10:00 AM (ET)

Ends November 9, 2021 on 4:30 PM (ET)

Location Carl Hansen Student Center SC 133 Piazza

Indigeneity Initiative Teach-In

The Albert Schweitzer Institute at Quinnipiac is hosting a free, day-long Indigeneity Initiative Teach-In for students, faculty and staff from 10 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday, November 9 in the Carl Hansen Student Center Piazza on the Mount Carmel Campus.

The day-long discussion will focus on the many cultures and histories of the indigenous populations around the globe.

“We want as many people as possible to be part of the conversation and take part in this event,” said Sean Duffy, executive director of the Albert Schweitzer Institute and professor of political science. “Drop in and drop out whenever you have the time!”

The event will include discussions on the history of the Quinnipiac area and its connections with the local indigenous populations, as well as indigeneity across the world.

Indigenous history is often told through the point of view of the colonizing population, not the people who were displaced upon colonial arrival.

“Quinnipiac is not named after a river,” Duffy stressed. “The history of the indigenous goes back thousands of years but has little impact on the society we grew up in. The society we grew up in is not based on the history of the place, but on the people who colonized it.”

Understanding the impacts of colonialism on cultures and history helps us understand the current social tensions, as history has a continuous impact on present day society, he said.

“If we want a more just society we need to go back to the starting point,” Duffy said. “We need to reflect on what we can do as an individual, community and society.”

Teach In Topics

The event will feature speakers from social science and historical studies backgrounds, including:

  • “Rethinking the ‘First Thanksgiving’ 400 years later"
    Presented by Christina Dickerson, assistant professor of history, will discuss 

  • “Decolonize the University vs. the Decolonizing University”
    Presented by JT Torres, director of the Center for Teaching and Learning and assistant teaching professor of English 

  • “Indigenizing Education”
    Presented by Kiara Tanta-Quidgeon, senior student and Indigenous Student Union president

  • “Legend of the Bobcat: An Appropriate Origin?”
    Presented by The Student Government Association

  • “Islam in India: Once Upon an Indigenization”
    Presented by Nita Verma Prasad, associate professor of history

  • “Entangled Roots of Settler Colonialism & Métis Heritage”
    Presented by Jennifer Dauphinais, assistant teaching professor of education and coordinator of the Social and Emotional Learning & School Climate program

  • “Identity & Erasure: Discovering My Indigenous Roots”
    Presented by Donald Sawyer, vice president for equity, inclusion, and leadership development and associate professor of sociology

  • “What can we learn from the Indigenous Ancestor of this land? A case study from the Burwell-Karako excavations in East Haven, CT”
    Presented by Julia Giblin, associate professor of anthropology, Meryem Bastuq ‘22, Antonio Gomez, and Alicia Galasso, MS ’22

  • “Settling the United States: Epistemic Politics in the Institutionalization of Othering”
    Presented by Marcos Scauso, assistant professor of political science

  • “Importance of Community-Driven Indigenous Learning: Lessons from Maya Educators”
    Presented by Erin Sabato, director of global learning

  • “Indigeneity & Institutions: Global & Local Lessons from Moana Nui”
    Presented by Gabriella Colello ‘22

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