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Michael L Rachkovsky

Part-Time Faculty

Dr. Michael Rachkovsky is a Moscow native, he lived and worked in different republics of the former USSR. His scientific works were broadly published in the USSR and the US. During his entire career, Dr. Rachkovsky was a professor and research scientist. In 1993, a colleague invited him to participate in a new research project at Yale University and in 2000, he became a citizen of the United States. He teaches the course New Genetics at Quinnipiac University since 2004.

Education and Scientific Degrees

Doctor of Biol. Sciences Genetics and Computer Simulation of Melanogenesis 1992
(D.Sc. – the Highest Institute of Cytology and Genetics, Novosibirsk
Scientific Degree in Russia) Russian Academy of Sciences

Senior Research Scientist Genetics 1988
Full Professor Academy of Sciences of the USSR

Ph.D. Animal Genetics and Breeding, 1975
Moscow Timiryasev Academy, USSR

M.S. Animal Genetics and Breeding, 1972
Penza Agricultural Institute, USSR

Scientific Works
70 papers, a book, two monographs, and two dissertations


  • DR, Russian Academy of Sciences


  • Biomedical Sciences

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  • Faculty Office Building

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