Quinnipiac University
William DuPont

Assistant Teaching Professor of Biomedical Sciences

William DuPont is an Assistant Teaching Professor of Biomedical Sciences. He graduated with a Master of Science in Kinesiology from the University of Connecticut and a Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology from The Ohio State University.

He currently teaches:
BMS300: The Physiology of Human Performance I
BMS301: The Physiology of Human Performance II
BMS200: Biomedical Basis of Human Aging
BMS508: Advanced Biology of Aging
BMS688: Independent Study
BMS650 and 651: Thesis I and II
HSC262: Nutrition in Health and Illness

He strives to create a learning environment that actively engages students in the learning process and challenges them to think and reason as scientists. He uses a variety of teaching strategies, techniques, and assessments designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of the course content.

He is interested in researching many aspects of Human Physiology with a particular interest in the connected relationships between exercise, the brain, and aging. Students are always welcome to contact Dr. DuPont and inquire about research and experiential learning opportnities by assisting with his research through mentored experiential learning including volunteering, independent study, and thesis projects.


  • PHD, The Ohio State University


  • Biomedical Sciences

Office Location

  • Echlin Center

Mail Drop

  • EC-BMS


Quinnipiac University

Assistant Teaching Professor of Biomedical Sciences

Hamden, CT

2019 - Present

Selected Publications

Body Composition in Elite Strongman Competitors

Kraemer, WJ, Caldwell, LK, Post, EM, DuPont, WH, Martini, ER, Ratamess, NA, Szivak, TK, Shurley, JP, Beeler, MK, Volek, JS, Maresh, CM, Todd, JS, Walrod, BJ, Hyde, PN, Fairman, C, and Best, TM.

34(12) Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research 3326-3330 December (2020)

Constitutive and Stress-Induced Psychomotor Cortical Responses to Compound K Supplementation

Flanagan SD, Proessl F, Dunn-Lewis C, Canino MC, Sterczala AJ, Connaboy C, DuPont WH, Caldwell LK, Kraemer WJ

14: 315 Frontiers of Neuroscience 1-15 April (2020)

Changes of Hydration Measures in Elite National Collegiate Athletic Association Division I Wrestlers.

Borden EC, Kraemer WJ, Walrod BJ, Post EM, Caldwell LK, Beeler MK, DuPont WH, Anders JP, Martini ER, Volek JS, Maresh CM.

Int J Sports Physiol Perform. 1-4 Oct (2019)