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Intellectual Curiosity and Academic Leadership

In the University Honors Program, we want you to make the most of your college experience, but we also want you to wonder: "What does that mean?"

Our community provides a lively and thoughtful foundation for just that sort of intellectual curiosity and academic leadership throughout the day-to-day college experience through four key initiatives:

  • Signature Education - courses and unique experiences challenge students to reconsider their assumptions & coursework by investigating what it means to "know"
  • Be Here! Program - helps students navigate the many on-campus cultural activities, such as lectures, plays and films
  • The Greater New Haven Program - small groups of students explore the diverse culture, arts, and environment of New Haven
  • Honors Intercultural - provides opportunities for students to experience new cultures, study cultural artifacts, and develop global and intercultural awareness 

While leadership can take traditional forms, all students can demonstrate leadership along with intellectual curiosity through high-quality discussion, attending lectures, and being thoughtful members of the community who then bring their skills to the world beyond the Quinnipiac campus. 

In the University Honors Program you will have sophisticated coursework, extraordinary experiences, and intercultural interaction, all supported by the broader community ethic to "give back." Learn more about our values

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