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Hiring Students and Grads as Interns and Employees

At Quinnipiac, we equip students with what the modern job market requires: a diverse skillset, global perspective, social intelligence and a collaborative mindset. It’s no secret why job fairs and other events bring eager representatives from hundreds of companies to Quinnipiac each year — our graduates have the skills and ambition that employers demand.

Your future workforce can be found right here

Our career development professionals provide employers with a highly customized recruiting experience, enabling them to target candidates in specific academic programs or schools. Thanks to this personalized approach, Quinnipiac graduates have become one of the most sought-after pools of talented individuals and future leaders for employers. If you are interested in hiring our students, we will work with you to build a customized program to meet your hiring needs.

We can assist you with:

  • Posting full-time job opportunities and internships

  • Participating in our career fairs

  • Arranging dates to interview students on campus

  • Obtaining student resumes for specific positions

  • Developing an internship program

  • Arranging site visits for student groups

Post Open Roles on QU Career Connections

To post a job opportunity on our online job portal please follow the instructions below:

1. Log in or create your account on our Career Connections site

Visit QU Career Connections

2. Click ”Create Job Posting”
3. Complete the required job form fields
4. Press ”Submit”

Contact us

Our QUCC administrator is available for questions or troubleshooting issues.

School Career Development Contacts

College of Arts and Sciences

Rick DelVecchio    
Director for Career Development

School of Business

Jill Koehler
Associate Dean for Career Development

Dave Bouton
Assistant Director for Career Development

School of Communications

Lila Carney
Director of Career Development

School of Computing and Engineering

John Bau    
Director of Career Development, School of Engineering


School of Education

Beth Larkins-Strathy
Associate Dean of Education,
Career Development for Master of Arts in Teaching (MAT) 

School of Health Sciences

Cynthia Christie
Assistant Dean for Career Development

School of Nursing

Wendy Savarese
Assistant Dean of Clinical Education for Faculty and Students