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Parents & Families Update for April 2022

Stay connected to all things QU with our new Parents & Families Update. This update will be published monthly with useful information from campus offices, including announcements, updates and deadlines to help support your Bobcat.

A note from Tom Ellett, Chief Experience Officer

Dear Parents/Family members,
I hope you all were able to spend some relaxing time with your student over spring break. We are now in the second half of the semester, and it will be over before we know it. I want to provide some updates and reminders for events that are coming up for your student to attend. There are many exciting traditions coming up this month where your student can make memories and enjoy some of the final moments of the semester. Encourage your student to attend ASE’s Earth Week events, SPB’s Wake the Giant, and the local community service event called the Big Event. There are many other events that students can attend as well. Have your student check DoYouQU and the What's Happening this Weekend flyers for events happening every week on campus.
Some other updates I would like to inform you of include:
The last Talks on the Rocks, which is a program focused on the senior year experience, will be Wednesday, April 13th 6 – 7:30 pm. We hope many in the senior class will join this co-sponsored program between SGA and the office of the CXO.
A constant question I receive is “what is going on with parking?” A School of Business MBA consulting class has been meeting with many groups around the campus throughout the semester, gathering data, and evaluating the best options that create the fairest and most equitable policies to be instituted next year. Should you want to share any feedback with them, please send it to me and I will forward it to the group. Their recommendations should be completed by mid-April. In the meantime, based on student requests, we are conducting a pilot program with the Municipal Parking Services in utilizing cameras to study traffic and parking. In conjunction with the QU facilities team, the applicable hardware is scheduled to be installed on Tuesday, March 29. This data will help in providing more data to the consulting group.
At this point in the semester, students should have at least 50% of their monies used on their meal points. We will once again offer bulk food purchasing. The first program will be available before the Easter/Passover break. An order form will be available for students to order large bulk food. All bulk order forms are available in the dining halls for this cycle and must be placed by Wednesday, April 6 at 4pm. Pick-up locations will be at York Hill and Café Q. Additionally, there will be extra products to purchase in the dining hall (based on supply chain accessibility to QU). Again, all dining points go away when the semester ends in May.
One special dining event will occur in April, one for parents to be involved. We are asking all students to nominate their parents best cooked recipe. The top three options will be chosen, and THREE PARENTS, will be invited to cook the meal in the kitchen and served to students. Students will select the top entrée and the winners will receive a prize. Hope every student will nominate your recipe for entrance into the contest.
I have been impressed by the breadth and depth of the student leaders I have had the pleasure of meeting this year. There are so many I’d like to profile, but I’ll share just a few recent stories.
  • One of the students who impressed me has been Joe Logrippo, who leads Q30. We had the opportunity to work together and provide Q30 with a new studio set. Joe’s perseverance to enhance the space of his organization is a testament to what I know all student leaders aspire to do – to make things better than when they arrive at QU.
  • Another great example is Stephanie Morrow, the leader of The Legends, who will perform this weekend in the championships of the Acca Pella competition in Boston. Her tenacity and passion for music and her team is another example of great leadership. I have invited the group to perform at this year’ accepted student days (April 2 & 3) and can’t wait to see them perform!
  • Tamara Anderson, Editor in Chief of Montage, always remembers to invite me to their events, which never cease to impress. Students should all attend their open mic night April 8 from 7-9pm.
  • And finally, Charles Dunn, who leads our Student EMS team at QU. Charles and a few of the EMTs joined me for a trip last month to Hartford HealthCare’s state-of-the-art Center for Education, Simulation and Innovation, which is a national medical training destination for everyone from the U.S. Navy to the CT State Police.
Students serving students in need. Role models for all of us to follow.
Thank you for providing us the opportunity to be apart of your student’s educational journey. It is an honor to so. As always, should you have any questions or concerns, please email us at QUParents@qu.edu.
Tom Ellett

Key Dates

Apr 9

Quinnipiac's Big Event

Apr 10

Quinnipiac’s Student Programming Board’s Wake the Giant show featuring “Impractical Jokers" star Sal Vulcano.

Apr 14

Last day to withdraw from second 7-week online courses (March 21 – May 7) with a grade of W

Apr 15

Good Friday — university holiday; no classes

Apr 19

Commencement Fair



Updates for April 2022

Question of the month

What are some approaches for my student to end the year on a good note?
Closure for any year in college can be difficult, especially the last few years living with the midst of covid. Preparation for the end of the semester is just as important as how a student begins the semester. Students should build in time for some end of the year events (see the list in Tom’s introductory note), to let off steam and make some memories while at QU. Spring events like the Big Event (community service projects) and Wake the Giant, have been going on for many years and live in the minds of our students many years after they graduate. Eat well, get rest, and get exercise. Hiking the Sleeping Giant, walking tour in New Haven, or going to the rec center are all important ways for the student to build resilience as stressful periods grow near finals. Meet with faculty and academic coaches to review any questions on academic concerns or classwork assignments. Remember the QU faculty and staff are here to support the academic success for all students. Finally, have you thought about how a re-entry to your home will go with your student? How have things changed since they went away to college? What new routines/expectations might you have when they return? It might be a great conversation to have prior to their return home. For those graduating, we look forward to seeing all families be here for the exciting day, for those who will be returning in the fall, we hope that the summer is a time of exploration of student passions and work to support your student’s longtime dream.


Upcoming dates

  • April 4 – April 14 – Open registration for matriculated undergraduate and graduate students
  • April 15 – University holiday (no classes), Payment plan installment 5 for undergraduates, graduates, medical and law students
  • April 18- 22 – Registration closed for billing reconciliation
  • April 25- May 24 – Summer 1 2022 open registration for matriculated students and non-matriculated students
  • April 25- May 27 – Summer 2 and Fall 2022 open registration for matriculated students and non-matriculated students

Student Accounts

For undergraduate, graduate and law students on a payment plan, the last installment for the spring term is on April 15.
Students who have unpaid balances from the Spring 2022 or earlier terms or have unpaid parking citations have holds placed on their accounts and will not be able to register for Summer 1, Summer 2 or Fall 2022. Please visit Self-Service to view the activity and balance on the student account and to pay all outstanding balances.

Please reference the following for assistance as needed:

  • Self-Service Student Finance Guide provides complete instructions on using Self-Service to set up a proxy, view and pay invoices and set up a payment plan.
  • Costs and Budgets provides detailed information on tuition and fees.
  • Financial Aid and the links in the navigation on the right will answer most of your financial aid questions.
  • Students may authorize a proxy (parent, guardian, spouse or other individual) to have access to Self-Service to make payments on behalf of the student or to view grades. Learn more about proxies on the Proxy Access page. If your student has designated you as a proxy and you forget your username or password, please call our Information Services Proxy Support Line at 203-582-8632.


As required by the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS"), Form 1098-T will be mailed by January 31 to all students who had qualified tuition and other related educational expenses paid during the previous calendar year. Students may also get a copy on Self-Service. Please learn more on the 1098T page of our website.


  • First-year students may not have a car on campus. Please do not send your first-year students back to campus after spring break or the spring holidays with a car. Vehicles found in on-campus lots without a valid parking decal will be ticketed or towed.
  • Students who have multiple citations for parking or other vehicle related violations will be subject to towing, loss of parking privileges and student account holds. Please remind your student to follow all of the rules and policies and to pay any citations upon receipt


Financial Aid Packages for 2022/23

The financial aid team begins reviewing returning students with a FAFSA for 2022/23 student aid awarding in early June, after grades post for the spring term. All students who receive financial aid must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress, as defined by their school. This usually requires a 2.0 cumulative GPA and a minimum number of credits per term and overall. Students who receive a merit scholarship must also meet the minimum grade point average required at the time of their admission. Details on financial aid renewal


Move-out process

Greetings! We hope that everyone is enjoying the nice weather we have had lately. As we are approaching the end of the semester, Residential Life would like to provide information about the move-out process.
All residence halls close on Friday, May 13, 2022 at 6:00pm. However, we will most certainly work with students who may request to stay late in order to participate in a Commencement ceremony or because of their final exam schedule, which can be found at MyQ > Quick Links > Final Exam Schedule.
Residents are expected to move out by 12 noon on the next day after their last final. Students whose last exam begins after May 13 at 3:00pm may request to stay until Saturday, May 14 at noon. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation as our staff close the halls for the semester.
Prior to moving out, please ask your student to:
Remove all belongings and non-university furniture.
Please note that anything left behind will be discarded and could result in a fine.
Move furniture to its original set-up. Make sure no furniture is blocking room doors or windows.
Ensure all furniture present in the room when you moved in is present when you move out.
Make sure the room is clean (vacuum/sweep/mop).
Empty all trash and take it to the trash room.
Close and lock all windows.
Close all curtain / blinds.
Turn off all lights.
If your student rented a Microfridge, please have them empty, unplug and leave the door to the unit open when they move out. The company will pick up rented units after closing.

Room and hall damages

As stated in the Quinnipiac University handbook (available online): Students and their roommates share a room equally. Damages that occur in their room are billed to all roommates unless only one is clearly responsible. We always encourage every student to have a discussion with their roommates about any possible damages that may have occurred in their living unit throughout the year. If one or several individuals are responsible for these damages, please ask them to formally accept responsibility. They can do this by filling out our online damage responsibility form, which will be available in a few weeks.
In cases where damage or vandalism occurs in common areas and the student(s) who are responsible cannot be determined, students sharing that common area share in the cost of the restitution.

24-Hour Quiet Hours - Exam Hours:

24-hour quiet hours will be in effect beginning May 6, 2022, at 6:00pm.

Be Kind Leave Your Food Behind:

The Office of Community Service sponsors an annual food collection initiative to donate non-perishable food items to local community organizations in need. Last year, over 5 tons of food items were collected. Your student will have the opportunity to donate by placing any unwanted or excess food items in one of the blue bins that will be provided in every residence hall near the end of the semester.

Trash Dumpsters

Students must remove all trash from their rooms. We ask them to take items that they no longer desire to one of the several dumpsters located around campus. There will be extra dumpsters in place on both the Mt. Carmel and York Hill campuses for unwanted items.


All furniture must be returned to its appropriate bedroom or common room. Students should notify their Residence Hall Director (RHD) if they have damaged or missing furniture.

Late Stay Application and online checkout

If students would like to request permission to remain in their residence hall after closing on Friday, May 13 at 6:00pm, they need to fill out the Late Stay Application that will be available on MyHousing under the Housing Requests and Contracts heading. The application will be ready later this semester. All requests must be submitted by Monday, May 2 at 5:00pm. Thank you!
Every student must complete an online checkout form immediately after they finish moving out of their room. This form will be available on MyHousing.
We wish all of our students great success on their final exams and a safe and productive summer!

April updates and events

This spring semester is flying by and we can’t believe we are already in April! This month, we are celebrating three national food holidays. April 12th is Grilled Cheese Day for lunch at Café Q, York Hill and North Haven. April 28th is Blueberry Pie Day in Café Q all day. April 10th is Cinnamon Roll Day, it is the perfect way to add a sweet treat to breakfast or brunch at Café Q and York Hill. Our residential event is on April 22nd themed all around Earth Day, which will take place at all our dining locations.
Our last event in our JoyFul series is GrateFul on April 27th. Make sure to follow us on Instagram at QUdining to learn more details throughout the month. Bulk ordering has now started! Order forms can be found on dineoncampus.com/quinnipiac and multiple orders can be placed.


Greek Life

Registration for Panhellenic Formal Recruitment will open on 4/11/2022 for students interested in joining a sorority in the Fall! Students interested can visit this link: https://enroll.icsrecruiter.com/pan/quinun. Any questions can be asked via email to panhellenic.council@qu.edu or via Instagram @quinnipiacpanhellenic. Information about joining other fraternal organizations is forthcoming!

Greek Week is April 4th-8th. For more information you can follow @qu_greek_week on Instagram.


The Super Smash Bros Team won the MAAC Championship on 3/12/22 with a 14-12 win over Siena! This is the ESports teams first MAAC Championship!
The Fitness Center will be hosting the Strongest Bobcat Competition on 4/10 @ 9am and a Women's Wellness Night on 4/27 @ 6pm.
Spring intramurals started the week of April 4 with softball, basketball & pickleball leagues!

Follow us on Instagram

Students should follow these Instagram accounts for up to date hours, programs and incentives:



NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) is an active club on campus and an amazing resource for parents! If you suspect that your child may be struggling mentally or emotionally, remember the five Ts: Tell, Test, Teach, Talk, Take Action.

  1. Tell Your Child They Can Come To You With Any Problem.
  2. Test Their Academic Health By Checking Their End Of Semester Grades
  3. Teach Them How To Recognize Depression And Anxiety.
  4. Talk With Them More Often Or Visit If They Are In Distress.
  5. Take Action If Your Student Is Experiencing High-Risk Mental Health Concerns.

To learn more and for additional resources, visit NAMI

Upcoming Wellness Programs

  • Free Fitness Classes on all threes campuses. Sign up 24 hours prior to each class at www.imleagues.com
  • Reflective Hike to Yoga is back! Monday, April 11th & 18th. Meets directly at Sleeping Giant at 4:30pm Sign up in: www.imleagues.com
  • Earth Week Outdoor Fitness: April 18-22 In collaboration with SEA, some of our fitness classes will be heading outdoors. Look in www.imleagues.com for the classes and sign ups
  • Nature, Gratitude & Art on April 13th from 4:00-5:00pm. Meets at Sleeping Giant. Using the methodology and book from artist Day Schildkret, we will create some outdoor mandalas made from resources on the Giant. Sign up: www.imleagues.com
  • Wellness Wednesdays: Each Wednesday we cover a different Wellness topic, focusing on how to have not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind! We will provide educational materials (Outside Starbucks from 10am-12am at our table), let you know where to go to learn more, and open a dialogue for communication with an expert in the topic!
  • To stay up to date with Wellness Wednesday events this year follow @quwellness on Instagram.

2022 Health and Wellness Fair

Taking place on April 29 from 11am-3pm on the QUAD. As part of the University’s commitment to Health and Wellness this fair will offer a variety of exciting exhibits and health screenings. This is an opportunity for students, staff and faculty to receive information that will enhance their knowledge about health and wellness issues. Previous health fairs were most successful with over 1,200 members of our Quinnipiac community coming to the fair and leaving with increased knowledge regarding healthy lifestyles.

Suicide Prevention Speaker: Carli Bushoven

The topic of the event is Suicide Prevention and ending the stigma surrounding mental health. The speaker is Carli Bushoven, the older sister of UPenn Track athlete Madison Holleran, who tragically ended her life in 2014 (You may remember her story from the ESPN News coverage it received or the book What Made Maddy Run). Given the high stress lives that QU students live, this is an extremely important topic that we need to continue to address!
The event is taking place on April 7th at 9:15pm in CCE10/ streaming on the North Haven campus in MNH201. Hosted by QU H&W and WIH

Help us help your students!

The following are Health and Wellness Resources your Quinnipiac student has access to but may not be fully utilizing. In the case that your child comes to you with questions about how to sign up for a fitness class or a health services appointment, you now have answers!

Fitness hours on Main and York Hill are M-F: 7-10 / Weekends:10-4. Hours for North Haven are M-F: 9-10 / Weekends: Closed

Student Health Services:
  • Schedule an appointment by calling SHS or through your Patient Portal
  • Contact- Email: studenthealthservice@qu.edu/ Phone: 203-582-8742
  • Hours of Operation for Mount Carmel Campus: M - F: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m/ S - S: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. York Hill Campus hours are M - F: 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Most routine services and supplies are provided without charge.
  • For medications, prescriptions ordered by a health center provider may be sent to local pharmacies to be filled at the usual and customary fee. In some cases there may be an option to purchase prescribed medications through Student Health Services.
Counseling Services:
  • Hours: M-F: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mount Carmel, York Hill Health Center and North Haven Campus).
  • Services available to all undergraduate and graduate students at no cost include individual counseling, diagnostic evaluation, medication management, group therapy, urgent visits, mental health referrals, consultation to faculty, staff and medical staff and telehealth services
  • To make an appointment complete a confidential counseling request form through MyQ or the Quinnipiac App OR call Counseling Services at 203-582-8680, choose option #1, and schedule an appointment by talking to the counseling center secretary.
  • In the case of a mental health crisis, speak with a licensed mental health provider by calling 203-582-8680 and choose option #3. For emergency Services: 911/ Department of Public Safety: 203-582-6200.


The Community, Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community through proactive, coordinated, and deliberate approaches by identifying, assessing, managing and reducing any student interpersonal or behavioral concerns.

The CARE team meets weekly to review and discuss new referrals, ongoing cases and the best course of action to support students of concern.

CARE referrals are submitted by faculty, staff, students, and community members using the CARE and Conduct Incident Reporting Form. More information on CARE including a list of referral examples.

Save the Date – Quinnipiac Day of Giving on May 2, 2022!

Join the entire Quinnipiac community on Monday, May 2, 2022, as we come together for our Quinnipiac Day of Giving, a 24-hour celebration of the Bobcat spirit and the power of giving back. The Day of Giving is an opportunity for parents to join with alumni, students, faculty and staff to show their support for areas of the university that are most meaningful to them.

Bobcat Connect: A network of alumni waiting for your student!

Bobcat Connect is a dedicated network of more than 3,000 alumni who have volunteered to support students in their career journey. Students can easily connect with alumni professionals willing to answer career questions, share their experiences and offer valuable knowledge and resources. Visit bobcatconnect.qu.edu for more information.

Get Involved: Take an Active Role in Your Student’s Education

A valuable way to share in your student’s QU experience is to join the Quinnipiac Parents Council, whose members provide philanthropic leadership for the university. Members of the Parents Council make leadership gifts in support of programs that enhance the educational experience for their children, their classmates and future generations of Bobcats.

Quinnipiac has long regarded parents as partners in the education and success of our students. We value your contribution to our joint mission of providing our students with a meaningful education in an innovative learning environment. When we make an impact on campus, we set our students up to make an impact on the world.

Get Involved


Parents Advisory Board

Highlights of actions items from March 2022 meeting

March 24 meeting FAQs


What will the new Q-start look like? 

The new Q-start will make the orientation process for new students much easier. The newly designed website lays out deadlines on a monthly basis for necessary steps and documents to complete for new students. Each Q-Start portal will be tailored to the respective incoming class (ex. new undergrad, Transfer student, Graduate student, MD program, etc.) based on differing requirements. The new system should make the onboarding process much easier for students and their family members and will be available starting late April 2022. 


Will MyQ be updated as well?  

The plan is to upgrade both Q-start and MyQ.  


The weekend shopper shuttles go to North Haven and Hamden, but do they hit each loop every weekend?   

Yes. Some of the shopper shuttles stay consistent each weekend, and some of them rotate. There are rotating shopper shuttles on Saturdays and Sundays. So each weekend, on Saturday, the shuttle either goes to North Haven or the Hamden shopper. If the shuttle goes to North Haven on Saturday, then it goes to Hamden on Sunday. Then, the following weekend, the rotation flips.  


What was the percent of sophomore students in last year’s room selection process who were assigned to York Hill last year?  And how many were brought back down over the summer? How about this year? 

There were 351 sophomore students (25%) assigned to The Crescent Residence Hall on the York Hill Campus last year. We were later able to relocate 103 of the 351 back to Mount Carmel – mostly to Perlroth Residence Hall. There were 295 sophomore students (23%) assigned to The Crescent Residence Hall on the York Hill Campus in this year’s housing selection process. 


I heard some of the lights in the Whitney lot are not working. Is this true?  

We have checked the lighting in the Whitney lot and all of the parking lot lights go on at dusk and are operational.  They did find five lights not operating on the entrance driveway, which they believe may have been due to a bad circuit, and electricians are expected to have those lights repaired by the end of this week.  


Can students bulk order again this year to use up the remainder of their meal points?

Yes, bulk ordering will be available again. Order forms can be found on dineoncampus.com/Quinnipiac and multiple orders can be placed. Information on bulk ordering will be around campus in dining halls through a QR code, TVs, banners, posters, on dining tables and more. Dining will send out information on bulk ordering to students through email. There will also be a link in the dining Instagram account to the website.