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Parents & Families Update for February 2022

Stay connected to all things QU with our new Parents & Families Update. This update will be published monthly with useful information from campus offices, including announcements, updates and deadlines to help support your Bobcat.

A note from Tom Ellett, Chief Experience Officer

Dear Parents and Family members,

We are grateful to have your student return to QU for the semester. The University has a significant number of spring semester activities offered to students including our top-ranked Hockey teams (Men and Women), QThon, Spring Weekend, The Big Event, and many more traditions to experience. If your student isn't involved in a club/organization, please have them visit Campus Life, who can assist in finding the perfect match for their interests. I hope you have read the exciting new innovative partnership with Hartford Healthcare. There are significant new benefits that await our students through full-time employment, part-time jobs, internships for students in all fields of study. More details will be shared throughout the semester.

Finally, should you student be interested in joining the advisory boards, please send them my way. Dining Services first meeting is next Tuesday at 5pm on the second floor of the student center, club meeting area. This is a great way to have your feedback heard. You can always share your feedback with us at QUParents@QU.edu

Wishing you a healthy New Year.

Key Dates

Feb 18

Last day to withdraw from first 7-week online courses (Jan 24 – March 12) with a grade of W

Week of Feb 28

Summer and Fall 2022 courses viewable online and students are notified of their registration dates

Updates for February 2022

Question of the month

My student hasn’t gotten involved in clubs and organizations last semester, what should they do?

Not to worry, there are still many opportunities to get connected and involved! Most of our student organizations meet weekly and their contact information, as well as all student group events, can be found on our Do You QU involvement platform at QU.campuslabs.com/engage. If your student needs help connecting with a group, starting one of their own, or in general with their involvement journey at Quinnipiac they can contact us directly at campuslife@qu.edu!

Upcoming dates

  • February 18 - Last day to withdraw from first 7-week online courses (Jan 24 – March 12) with a grade of W
  • Week of Feb. 28th –Summer and Fall 2022 courses viewable online and students are notified of their registration dates
  • March 21 – Summer and Fall 2022 registration begins for Graduate and Law students.
  • March 28-April 1 – Summer and Fall 2022 registration appointments for Undergraduate students
  • April 1 - Last day to withdraw from undergraduate and graduate 15-week courses (Jan 24 – May 14) with a grade of W

Student Accounts

Students registered for the Spring 2022 term must have paid their balance or set up a payment plan by 12/15/21. Students with unpaid balances and no payment plan will have holds placed on their accounts after the add/drop registration period. Late fees will be placed during the term for any unpaid balances.

Please reference the following for assistance as needed:

  • Self-Service Student Finance Guide provides complete instructions on using Self-Service to set up a proxy, view and pay invoices and set up a payment plan.
  • Costs and Budgets provides detailed information on tuition and fees.
  • Financial Aid and the links in the navigation on the right will answer most of your financial aid questions.
  • Students may authorize a proxy (parent, guardian, spouse or other individual) to have access to Self-Service to make payments on behalf of the student or to view grades. Learn more about proxies on the Proxy Access page. If your student has designated you as a proxy and you forget your username or password, please call our Information Services Proxy Support Line at 203-582-8632.


As required by the Internal Revenue Service ("IRS"), Form 1098-T will be mailed by January 31 to all students who had qualified tuition and other related educational expenses paid during the previous calendar year. Students may also get a copy on Self-Service. Please learn more on the 1098T page of our website.

Dining Plans

Residential students are assigned spring meal plans based on the dining plan they were assigned in the fall. Commuter students are assigned dining plans based on their commuter status and credit load. Learn more about the Dining plans on the Dining Experience page on our website.


Prior to the Spring 2022 term, all students were reminded to review the Parking Rules and Regulations on MyQ. Below is a summary of some of the regulations which are violated most often and require a reminder:

  • First-year residential students are not permitted to bring cars to campus.
  • Each student may only park in the lots associated with their permit type. To determine what parking lots are associated with -each permit type, please compare the first few letters of the permit number found on the decal to the permit types and associated parking lots under Student Permit Classifications and Locations on the Parking page of our website. In addition, each lot has signs which denote which permit types are permitted such as Faculty Only or Commuter Only. Vehicles that are parked in lots or spaces that their permit does not allow will receive a citation.
  • Receiving 3 violations for the same offence and/or 4 parking citations cumulative will result in the vehicle being placed on the Public Safety tow list.
  • Receiving 5 or more parking citations will result in a student conduct action, and loss of parking privileges for the remainder of the academic year.
  • Parking violations must be paid immediately, and all violations will result in a HOLD on the student’s account. A hold will prevent the student from registering for classes, receiving transcripts or diplomas and more.

Beginning with the Spring 2022 term, there will be Public Safety officers at the gates and regularly patrolling parking lots to enforce all rules and regulations.

  • Every vehicle on campus must have a valid parking decal.
  • Decals will be inspected at the gates and if a decal is not valid, access to campus will be denied.
  • Decals will be inspected in the parking lots and if a decal is not valid, tickets will be issued.
  • Excessive tickets will result in student account holds, towing and loss of parking privileges.
  • If a student intends to park on campus and does not have a valid parking decal, they must request one prior to bringing the car to campus.
  • There is now a $90 fee per semester for undergraduate commuter parking decals. Payment can be made during registration.

Welcome back!

The Office of Residential Life is delighted to welcome all of our students back to QU Housing for the Spring 2022 semester. The semester is already off to a great start, with thousands of students moving back to campus last weekend on January 23-24. We hope that move-in went smoothly for everyone, and we welcome your ideas and constructive suggestions about the process. As always, we can be reached at residentiallife@qu.edu or 203-582-8666.

We are looking forward to a successful and memorable 16 weeks together this spring! Some highlights for the upcoming semester include Resident Assistant (RA) Selection, a Sophomore-Area Open House, Spring Break, and the Room Selection Process for current first-year students seeking Sophomore Housing. The Sophomore-Area Open House will be on February 6. Housing contracts and the reservation fee are due on March 11, and Sophomore Housing Selection will take place beginning on March 23. Please stay tuned for lots more information!

Resident Assistants for the 2022-2023 year

The Office of Residential Life is looking for its next talented group of Resident Assistants (RAs) for the 2022-2023 academic year. We are looking for students who want to make a positive impact in the lives of others on campus and who share a passion for being a Bobcat.

To be eligible for the RA position, one must have a 2.75 GPA and be enrolled as a full-time student. Interested students should attend one of the many info sessions being offered both in-person and on Zoom from January 31 – February 9. Applications are due no later than February 11. Candidates will be scheduled to attend a Group Interview on February 25 or 26. Then, candidates who excel during the group interview stage will be invited to participate in an Individual Interview with current Residential Life Staff on Sunday, February 27.

Hiring decisions will be made before Spring Break. The Resident Assistant position is a premiere student leadership opportunity at QU. Please encourage your student to apply!

Welcome back!

Chartwells is excited to welcome students back and start the spring semester. There were three dining events in just the first week back.

On Tuesday January 25th, there was a table set up for students to create their own overnight oats in mason jars in Cafe Q at 2pm.

When students come back for the spring semester, they are counting down the days until summer. On Wednesday January 26th, there was a special menu called Winter Blues & BBQ served for dinner in Cafe Q at the Create Global Station. This menu featured popular Southern BBQ dishes.

Over the break, a revamp of the Daily Press in the Bobcat Den took place. Now on the menu is create your own panini, subs and salads with different specials throughout the month. To show the students everything new, on Thursday January 27th at 5pm, the first 100 students received a free mini sub and create their own guacamole.

The spring semester is full of new creative menus, events, giveaways and more. To keep up with everything going on follow @QUdining on Instagram or on Facebook at the Quinnipiac Dining Experience.



  • Club Men's Ice Hockey is currently ranked #1 in the country in the 1/19/22 CHF Computerized Rankings
  • The Dance Team recently competed at the UDA National Championships in Orlando and finished 6th in the nation in D1 Gameday & 11th in the nation in D1 Jazz performances
  • Intramural Sports Registration is open for the start of the spring semester:

Ice Hockey
Start Date: 1/31

6v6 Volleyball
Start Date: 2/7

Badminton Singles + Doubles
Start Date: 2/9

Basketball, Softball, Flag Football & Pickleball leagues will run after Spring Break!

Greek Life

Fall 2021 FSL stats

  • The all-FSL GPA was higher than the all-QU GPA
  • Fraternity and sorority members raised over $57,000 for local and international philanthropic causes
  • Fraternity and sorority members completed over 2,400 hours of community service
  • On average, at least 57% of fraternity and sorority members are involved in at least one other extra-curricular activity at Quinnipiac

Spring Recruitment is underway! Many fraternities and sororities are recruiting this semester! Interested students can reach out to OFSL or the chapters directly on Instagram for more info! @qufsl @quinnipiacpanhellenic @quifc

Returning Chapter!
Alpha Epsilon Pi will re-open its Nu Eta chapter at Quinnipiac in spring 2022.

Follow us on Instagram

Students should follow these Instagram accounts for up to date hours, programs and incentives:



NAMI (National Alliance for Mental Illness) is an active club on campus and an amazing resource for parents! If you suspect that your child may be struggling mentally or emotionally, remember the five Ts: Tell, Test, Teach, Talk, Take Action.

  1. Tell Your Child They Can Come To You With Any Problem.
  2. Test Their Academic Health By Checking Their End Of Semester Grades
  3. Teach Them How To Recognize Depression And Anxiety.
  4. Talk With Them More Often Or Visit If They Are In Distress.
  5. Take Action If Your Student Is Experiencing High-Risk Mental Health Concerns.

To learn more and for additional resources, visit NAMI

Upcoming Wellness Programs

Free Fitness Classes on all threes campuses begin: Sunday, January 30th Sign up 24 hours prior to each class at www.imleagues.com

Fitness Class Incentive Program

Let us help you stay motivated to move! January 30th – March 5th
- Students can find out information in Instagram: @quwellness, from their RA or directly in www.imleagues.com
- This 5-week program is designed to help you commit and stick with some movement. Group exercise classes are safe, fun and effective to get a great workout, try new things, begin a new habit, create a community …… we want YOU to join our classes!

● Our team will provide a link for you to use at each class so we can track your attendance. Any group exercise class will count in this program (those are the ones you sign up for in IMLeagues)
There will be a few overall prizes at the end of the 5 weeks for:
- Attended the most classes in 5 weeks
- Attended the most different types of classes in 5 weeks (Spinning®, yoga, barre, Ugifit®, etc)
- If you meet your goal for the full 5 weeks you get a prize! You decide and set your commitment to attending a certain number of classes per week (on our initial sign-up form) and we keep track for you. Creating a goal will help hold you accountable and provide incentive to show up!

Self Reflection Journal Prompts

Are you a journaler? Do you wish you were? Either way, each Sunday this semester (beginning Jan. 30th) you find 3 journal prompts to start your week off by checking in. Prompts will be posted on Instagram @quwellness. Just a little something to keep your grounded and striving to live your best life.

Vision Board Workshop

Set your spring semester intentions! Feb. 01, 4:00-5:00pm SC 117 Sign up in www.imleagues.com

And look for some guided wellness workshops to be announced throughout February (sleep, self care check in, self love)!

Wellness Wednesdays:

Each Wednesday we cover a different Wellness topic, focusing on how to have not only a healthy body, but a healthy mind! We will provide educational materials (Outside Starbucks from 10am-12am at our table), let you know where to go to learn more, and open a dialogue for communication with an expert in the topic! To stay up to date with Wellness Wednesday events this year follow @quwellness on Instagram.

Help us help your students!

The following are Health and Wellness Resources your Quinnipiac student has access to but may not be fully utilizing. In the case that your child comes to you with questions about how to sign up for a fitness class or a health services appointment, you now have answers!

Fitness hours on Main and York Hill are M-F: 7-10 / Weekends:10-4. Hours for North Haven are M-F: 9-10 / Weekends: Closed

Student Health Services:
  • Schedule an appointment by calling SHS or through your Patient Portal
  • Contact- Email: studenthealthservice@qu.edu/ Phone: 203-582-8742
  • Hours of Operation for Mount Carmel Campus: M - F: 8 a.m. - 8 p.m/ S - S: 10 a.m. - 4 p.m. York Hill Campus hours are M - F: 12 p.m. - 8 p.m.
  • Most routine services and supplies are provided without charge.
  • For medications, prescriptions ordered by a health center provider may be sent to local pharmacies to be filled at the usual and customary fee. In some cases there may be an option to purchase prescribed medications through Student Health Services.
Counseling Services:
  • Hours: M-F: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (Mount Carmel, York Hill Health Center and North Haven Campus).
  • Services available to all undergraduate and graduate students at no cost include individual counseling, diagnostic evaluation, medication management, group therapy, urgent visits, mental health referrals, consultation to faculty, staff and medical staff and telehealth services
  • To make an appointment complete a confidential counseling request form through MyQ or the Quinnipiac App OR call Counseling Services at 203-582-8680, choose option #1, and schedule an appointment by talking to the counseling center secretary.
  • In the case of a mental health crisis, speak with a licensed mental health provider by calling 203-582-8680 and choose option #3. For emergency Services: 911/ Department of Public Safety: 203-582-6200.


The Community, Assessment, Response and Evaluation (CARE) Team is committed to the safety and wellbeing of our community through proactive, coordinated, and deliberate approaches by identifying, assessing, managing and reducing any student interpersonal or behavioral concerns.

The CARE team meets weekly to review and discuss new referrals, ongoing cases and the best course of action to support students of concern.

CARE referrals are submitted by faculty, staff, students, and community members using the CARE and Conduct Incident Reporting Form. More information on CARE including a list of referral examples.

Bobcat Connect: A network of alumni waiting for your student!

Bobcat Connect is a dedicated network of more than 3,000 alumni who have volunteered to support students in their career journey. Students can easily connect with alumni professionals willing to answer career questions, share their experiences and offer valuable knowledge and resources. Visit bobcatconnect.qu.edu for more information.

Get Involved: Take an Active Role in Your Student’s Education

A valuable way to share in your student’s QU experience is to join the Quinnipiac Parents Council, whose members provide philanthropic leadership for the university. Members of the Parents Council make leadership gifts in support of programs that enhance the educational experience for their children, their classmates and future generations of Bobcats.

Quinnipiac has long regarded parents as partners in the education and success of our students. We value your contribution to our joint mission of providing our students with a meaningful education in an innovative learning environment. When we make an impact on campus, we set our students up to make an impact on the world.

Get Involved


Parents Advisory Board

Highlights of actions items from December 2021 meeting



Tom shared updates

  • OneStop data on students/parents served this semester
  • Dining Survey
    • The advisory board reviewed the draft survey and made numerous edits to share with Tom before it was to be sent out at the end of the semester.
  • Looking into students getting credit for managing the On the Rocks operation.
  • Weekly activity flyer: not sent to commuters or off campus students


Discussion items:

  • Looking into where students are on usage of meal points
    • Benefits of an all you care to eat plan vs point plans
  • Shuttles not being used very much, but suggestion to add more on the weekend
    • Not the weekends as much. Early morning and late evening not being used much
    • Thanksgiving a lot of shuttles used
    • Want more shuttles


  • Gene presented an alternative transportation option to help alleviate the high-priced Uber rides and lack of shuttles going downtown for students


Tom raised the role of parent’s advisory board:

  • Overlap with advisory board and SGA
  • Students should be active in solving problems too
  • A parent raised that not every student can advocate and solve these problems, such as:
    • Posting grades too late
    • Not a good feedback process
    • Should have posting requirement


For the grades issue, the group agreed to have Tom invite the Provost to attend the next meeting.


Programs and services for students

    • Proactive things in terms of wellness going on
    • Suggestion for therapy dogs program on cmapus


Tom discussed the issue related to supply-chain challenges with Chartwells.

Dining facilities staying open= PRO

  • Tropicana products not coming in
  • Communication with food availability
    • Some things aren't known by students (We need to enhance posting of information to students in dining halls)
  • Want to implement scanning the menus and posting it every night
  • Holiday dinner- make sure your student registers



 December Parent Advisory Board FAQs

What programs and services are there available for students who are not getting involved?

SGA holds programs weekly for students to attend. Each week, there is a “What’s Happening this Weekend?” flyer hung up in residence halls so students can find activities to attend over the weekend. These events can be great places to meet new friends


If your student wants to get involved in a club or organization, they still can! Check DoYouQU for information on each club and organization at Quinnipiac. They can also reach out to Campus Life for help. Campus Life will sit down with your students and find a place for them specific to their likes and interests!


Can more shuttles be added on the weekends?

There have now been additional shuttles added for the weekend. On Friday, there is a shuttle that will run to North Haven where students can eat, shop, or catch a movie. On Sunday, there will be a rotation between the North Haven and Hamden shopper each week.


Look into:

  • Convenience store items
  • Taxi service alternative
  • Provost come to meeting about posting grades





Parents Advisory Board

Highlights of actions items from January 2022 meeting


  1. Introduction (SGA President) 
  2. Tom’s Update
  3. Changes to 3+1 Programs
  4. SGA role and student decision making (with Nick Campanelli)
  5. Review of dining survey 
  6. Parking


Meeting Notes


Tom informed the group that the Provost was unable to attend due to an illness, she will attend next month.



SGA role and student decision making

Introduced Nick Ciampanelli, SGA President

Nick explains SGA role and his own role as President of SGA

  • SGA mission
  • Represent student wants and needs
  • Examples of what SGA is responsible for and what they have accomplished in recent history (On the Rocks, quad lighting, tailgates, security systems, laundry included in price of housing)
  • Students should be the ones making decisions and sharing ideas
  • Help students get involved on campus
  • Students can reach out to Nick to get involved or ask questions or share ideas


Questions to Nick:

Can we get therapy dogs more often?

Senator is working on getting them twice a month – well attended program. Right now mainly on Mount Carmel Campus.


How can we improve communication?

Nick says things are improving. Res Life is getting better promoting events in advance.

Town Hall info ahead of time to students.


Nick notes that student interest drives change.

Students saying they want change is going to get SGA to push events or changes.

Knowing students want things helps push them.


How can we work together? There are students that might not reach out directly to SGA, what other ways can we get students to reach out if they don’t want to go to meetings?


What about suggestion box? Even a virtual one?

They have a text to chat line at 1-(860)-854-3039 (e.g., shuttle is late, power went out)


How do students hear about intramural sign-ups?

Emails, word of mouth, orientation.


How else can we engage students?

SGA elections – talking to every student, tabling. Meet and greet in common rooms a possibility, bring class senators into res halls to get to know student needs, getting out and involved to get to know peer interest.


Tom updates:

  • Student “Welcome Back” event on Jan. 27
    • Spring 2022 student engagement: things coming up
    • Present events, changes, advisory boards, new openings, shuttles
  • Student Advisory boards meet every Sunday night
    • One thing they suggested and happened: increasing rec center hours; now open Sundays 7-10 pm
    • Expanded hours to shuttles to local area shopping/movies (Friday nights, Saturdays and Sundays)
  • Hired new analytics student to help find top issues



Updates on parking:

  • Now that we are not hybrid and back to full on-ground learning there are less spots.
  • Public safety giving more tickets to students who have not registered for a parking pass.
  • Working through new parking policy.
  • The consulting course, led by former Dean O’Connor, is working to evaluate current policies and make recommendations for potential changes.
  • Shuttles are there to help.
  • Commuters guaranteed spots? New policy might address that



Parent Advisory Board questions:

3+1 program changes

  • Posting on FB Parent’s Page on an issue related to curriculum. Tom contacted the Dean, she is addressing at a forum for students who are in the program.


Dining questions

  • Not hearing as many complaints this year.
  • Students not happy with taste and quality.
  • Move on from Chartwells? Might not be best time to change.
  • More students seeing and working there will help identify problems.
    • Students working= collaboration
  • Stations are changing, options changing, making improvement over time.
  • Ask Chartwells what they plan to do about the survey.
  • Will be addressed at this week’s Dining Services Advisory board meeting (Tuesday at 5pm)


How is SGA communicating with North Haven students?

  • Health science majors on SGA that advocate for that experience.
  • Building bridge from SGA to Graduate students.
  • Nick to check out North Haven issues.



January Parent Advisory follow-up questions


Instead of surveys, can we poll students on social media to increase participation and get student opinions on topics?

SGA currently polls students on our Instagram (@qusga) story with our “Tuesday Two’s.” Each week, we post two brief questions to collect data on various issues, student preferences, and the initiatives we are working on to collect data to support these respective changes. 


Is the North Haven sandwich bar up and running?

The deli option at North Haven is set to open on 1/31/22.


Can we get the therapy dogs on campus more often?

SGA is working to make therapy dogs come to QU more often. An SGA senator is working on getting them twice a month since it is a well-attended program. Right now, this program is mainly on the Mount Carmel campus.


Can there be a suggestion box for students to give feedback or share ideas?

SGA has a text-to-chat in place now. Students can share ideas or even share issues they are having in real time. For example, the shuttle is running late, or the power went out in my dorm.


How do students hear about intramurals sign-ups?

Students receive emails about signing up for intramurals sports teams. If your student has not received these emails, have them check if they accidentally opted-out of emails. Students also hear about intramurals through word-of-mouth and orientation. QU also has an Instagram page for intramurals where there are updates and important information posted regularly. Have your student follow @quinnipiacintramurals.


Why is my student struggling to find parking?

This year, classes have resumed to full capacity in-person. When classes were hybrid, less students were on campus each day, leaving more parking spots open. There also have been students who are ineligible for parking passes (e.g., first-year students) but brought their cars on campus and are parking illegally. Public safety will start issuing tickets to students without the appropriate parking passes.


What are you doing to improve the parking situation?

This year, a class in the Business School is working on a semester-long project which involves coming up with a new parking policy for Quinnipiac. At the end of the semester, these policies will be evaluated to see if they can be used for the new Fall 2022 policy.


Is the 3+1 Accounting program going online for the +1 year?

The Dean of the School of Business is holding a town hall next week to address this. As of now, no changes have been made. However, the town hall will be an open forum to get feedback from students on this. If your student has questions, have them reach out to the Dean.


Why is the new partnership with Hartford HealthCare beneficial to students who need health care at Quinnipiac?

There are many advantages to this partnership. First off, the health center will be able to provide broader access to specialty providers.  Pharmacy runs will happen more frequently. If there are surges in health center visits, the new partner will assist with resources to address our issues.  There are many other benefits to the QU community shared in the emails sent to the broader community – read more about the HHC partnership.


Do Parents automatically get enrolled in QU communications to parents?  Do you opt-in or out?

Students add the emails of their parents/guardians to the self-service system within QU.  Parents can opt-out of the emails, should they want to do so.


Is there a response from the university on the booster mandate?

The University has communicated multiple times to students and parents about the expectation that all eligible students receive a booster by  Feb. 15. QU also held on-campus booster clinics Jan. 31 and Feb. 1 to make it easy for students not yet boosted to get their shot. This policy is critical to sustaining and protecting the health of our university community and helping us preserve our semester together, on ground and in person.

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