Albert Schweitzer Institute

The institute focuses on health, humanitarian and peace efforts; supports health care development in underserved areas; and seeks to motivate young people to serve the community.

Alternative Investments Institute

The institute aims to expand investors' understanding of alternative investments, provide faculty with opportunities for research and bring cutting-edge knowledge into Quinnipiac's classrooms.

Bioanthropology Research Institute

The institute conducts research in biology, archaeology, anthropology and paleopathology through diagnostic imaging, video endoscopy and laboratory analysis.

Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning

Quinnipiac’s Bristol-Myers Squibb Center for Science Teaching and Learning is a network of scientists and educators working in concert to advance the art of science education from kindergarten to university level.

Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students

Through professional-development programs and activities, the center spurs the community toward its goals of providing high-quality academic programs, a student-focused environment and a sense of community.

Center for Health Law and Policy

The center enhances research and education in health law and policy. Among the programs the center coordinates are The Health Law Journal and the Health Care Law Speaker Series.

Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

The Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship exists to support the entrepreneurial spirit at Quinnipiac. The center offers the Quinnipiac community both professional resources for entrepreneurial projects and a physical space to turn ideas into reality.

Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching

The mission of the center is to foster the development of our faculty and staff as members of a community of engaged and effective educator-scholars, committed to excellence in student learning.

Center for Interprofessional Healthcare Education

The center offers innovative opportunities for students in the Schools of Health Sciences, Medicine and Nursing to learn and practice together, identify effective and efficient delivery options, and understand and enhance each other's clinical skills.

Center for Women and Business

The Center for Women & Business aspires to enhance women's business acumen, their presence in leadership and decision-making roles, and their overall experiences as professionals.

Center on Dispute Resolution

The center, housed in the School of Law, offers a range of programs to students and the larger community, including the Quinnipiac-Yale Workshop on Dispute Resolution and mediation and negotiation training.

Central European Institute

The institute is designed to broaden the University’s opportunities for international education through reciprocal relationships with partner universities that bring international students to Quinnipiac and send Quinnipiac students to study abroad.

Ireland's Great Hunger Institute

Ireland's Great Hunger Institute is a scholarly resource for the study of the Great Hunger, which is also known as An Gorta Mór. Through a strategic program of lectures, conferences, course offerings and publications, the institute fosters a deeper understanding of this tragedy and its causes and consequences.

National Institute for Community Health Education (NICHE)

NICHE provides the public with balanced, in-depth discussion on health care issues and promotes attention to Connecticut's pre-eminence in health care delivery, development and finance.

Writing Across the Curriculum

Writing isn't just for English majors anymore. Through engaging, interdisciplinary course work, students learn to think critically and creatively. The Writing Across the Curriculum program also provides in-depth training for educators.