The Albert Schweitzer Institute Certificate for Ethics and Responsibility and Fellowship programs will provide interested Quinnipiac students with the opportunity for an ethics-centered context to their college experience regardless of major or program of study. Student participants will engage with lived values, expansive life possibilities, and inspirational contexts so that their education touches the mind and heart with transformational power. These programs are designed to assist students as they demonstrate and develop their essential proficiencies for the 21st century, particularly responsible citizenship, diversity awareness and sensitivity, social intelligence, written and oral communication, and critical thinking and reasoning.

Program Goals
  • To link courses with grounding or implications for the ideals advocated by Albert Schweitzer, and promoted by the ASI on campus: a reverence for life, the promotion of human dignity, the resolution of conflict, and other such ethical concerns.
  • To provide for a student's development of leadership skills that can provide the basis for a productive career in service
  • To promote the development of service and service learning opportunities on campus
  • To provide an academic context for the programs of the Albert Schweitzer Institute
Certificate Program
Students must earn 50 points toward the certificate, from a variety of experiences. At least 10 points must be earned in each of three areas: Leadership, Academics, and Service/Experiential
  • A commitment amounting to at least a full semester's work will be awarded 10 points.
  • A significant leadership commitment to a service project or on-campus event that requires less than a full semester, but considerably more than a one-time or one-day commitment will be awarded 5 points.
  • A one-day activity or a supportive role in a longer-term event will be awarded 1 point.
The final 20 points must be earned in an intentional way (i.e. after being accepted into the program). No more than 30 points may be awarded "retroactively" (i.e. for work completed before being admitted into the program).

Certificate Portfolio Cover Sheet
Petition for Certificate

Fellowship Program
Fellows will be drawn from among the participants in the certificate program, and will be much fewer in number. Fellows will be nominated by faculty and administrators, based on yet-to-be-determined criteria, or they may apply to the program.

Participation in the Fellowship will be considered a life-long association, making Fellows eligible for participation in future ASI (and other) activities that are structured to include alumni/ae participation.

The purpose of the fellowship is to more fully cultivate leaders on campus who can help to develop events and reflective opportunities that promote Schweitzer's values of service and human dignity on campus. Each fellow will be expected to participate in a number of activities and experiences beyond those required of certificate candidates.

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