"Images of Peace," a national juried art exhibition, was featured at the institute in fall 2007.

The work of 24 artists from 15 states was included in the exhibition. Stephen B. Henderson, associate professor of fine arts in the College of Arts and Sciences, was the exhibition's curator and juror.

The exhibition was held in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of Schweitzer's call for nuclear disarmament. All of the pieces of art explored the themes of nuclear disarmament, world peace and/or Schweitzer's life and work.

Each artist was asked to include an artist's statement along with the submitted work. Paul Bouchard's heartfelt statement accompanying his piece "Missing Peace #4" explains how art has helped him work through post-traumatic stress disorder after his military tour in Vietnam. Alice Harrison's joyful "Pieces for Peace 14" was created in response to her granddaughter being taught at school "Unless we teach our children peace, someone will teach them violence."

"In many cases there is more to these works of art than initially meets the eye," said Henderson. "Each piece selected for this exhibition is thought-provoking and has layers of meaning. Most importantly, each is a tribute to Albert Schweitzer's plea for a better world."

Elisa Pritzker, N.Y.
Andrew Johnson, Pa.
Paul Bouchard, N.Y.
David Hester, S.C.
Harry Longstreet, Wash.
Jacqueline Jrolf, Pa.
Anita Wexler, Fla.
Sharon Harper, Mo.
Paige Smith-Wyatt, N.D.
Elizabeth King, Calif.
Irene Gennaro, N.Y.
Annie Ross, Wash.
Patricia Brintle, N.Y.
Barbara Yontz, N.Y./Tenn.
Mike Vye, Minn.
John Brodkin, Md.
Joel Frudden, Calif.
Alice Harrison, N.J.
Jessica Mack, Conn.
Julie Weitz, Fla.
Marilyn Ivy, Texas
John Wood, Mich.
Claire Currie, N.J.
Joan Sonnenfeld, N.J.

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