Center for Excellence Honoree: David Hall

David HallDavid Hall is a virtual cornerstone of Quinnipiac University. As a Quinnipiac undergraduate, his first semester in 1966 was the University's first on the Mount Carmel campus. David graduated with his bachelor's in 1970 and after earning his master's in English from Boston University, returned to the place he calls home.

Despite the enormous change and growth that has occurred at Quinnipiac since he joined the staff in 1972, David remains a person who patiently gives each student his full attention and sincere care. He is fondly known as the person to go to for staff and student identification cards. Thousands of students have smiled as he intones his famous words, "Hold that pose." David Hall is synonymous with "student satisfaction," and even those who come to him with problems unrelated to his area find that he makes it his problem to help them find a solution. In his own words, David answers "numerous miscellaneous questions and I generally try to alleviate distress and confusion." As an adjunct professor in the English department, he instills in his students his own passion for literature and the written language.

David was born and raised in Cheshire and still lives in the house where he grew up. He has always been an avid reader, loves music (both listening and playing the piano), and likes to cook. He is a reader at his church and has traveled annually to England since 1984. His son, Tom, is an investment banker at the Toronto-Dominion Bank in New York City.

"It makes me happy when I can provide a needed service. Students sometimes feel rather lost when they have a problem, and I think it's important they receive the necessary help."
-David Hall

"David exemplifies everything good about Quinnipiac.He continually demonstrates a strong sense of community and constantly reminds us that we are here for the students."
-John Meriano director of administrative services, nominator

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