2010 Honorees

The Excellence in Teaching Award and the Excellence in Service to Students Award represent Quinnipiac's highest recognition of excellence in and outside the classroom. The recipients were honored at the Center for Excellence awards recognition on Oct. 14 in the Recreation Center.

The Excellence in Teaching Award:

Abbott Meyer smart
Rebecca Abbott
School of Communications
Jeffrey Meyer
School of Law
Robert Smart
College of Arts and Sciences

The Excellence in Service to Students Award:

Finoia Moniello Reilly
Cherie Finoia
James Moniello
Campus Security
Tami Reilly

These honorees--selected from a pool of nominations by faculty, staff, students, alumni and parents--will have their names engraved on a stone sculpture on display in the Arnold Bernhard Library. The recipients also will be recognized at a reception with the board of trustees, receive a cash prize and be featured in a promotional brochure to be used throughout the year in Quinnipiac's public relations activities.

This is the eighth year the center has presented the awards. Last year's recipients of the Excellence in Teaching Award were Deborah Clark, Joseph Cristiano and Bruce Saulnier.

Last year's recipients of the Excellence in Service to Students Award were Valerie Carbone, Maria Gould and Ralph Vuolo.

The Center for Excellence, established in 2002, helps Quinnipiac achieve its educational mission, consistent with its three core values: high-quality academic programs, a student oriented environment, and a sense of community. The center supplements Quinnipiac's existing professional development programs by sponsoring workshops and seminars, and conducting surveys to address strengths and weaknesses regarding service to students.

The president's office supports the center, which is governed by a rotating board of directors of faculty, staff and students.

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