Center for Excellence Honoree: Jill Ferrall

Jill FerrallStudents are drawn to the positive energy and good cheer that radiate from a converted team study space in the Lender School of Business Center that houses Jill Ferrall's office.

Ferrall '94 MAT '96, assistant dean for career development in the School of Business, has built a reputation for being one of the hardest working administrators at the University. Whether it's working late into the evening or responding to student emails, Ferrall is always connected to her students.

Ferrall has been recognized for her efforts with the University's most prestigious honor, the Excellence in Service to Students Award. She was honored at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students Ceremony on Oct. 13 in the Recreation Center on the Mount Carmel Campus.

"Jill is an unbelievably selfless person, continuously stretching her capabilities to do the greatest good for the greatest number of people," Amanda Kline '11, a former graduate assistant, wrote in a letter nominating Ferrall. "Despite her long hours and over-sized inbox, Jill always maintains a chipper demeanor and jolly sense of humor. Her enthusiasm is contagious and she is truly an inspiration, treating each student as her top priority."

In addition to organizing the University's three annual career fairs and critiquing resumes, Ferrall teaches approximately 400 freshmen each year, sets up dozens of mock interviews, on-campus interviews and career counseling seminars.

"Jill has played a role in hundreds of students' career successes during her time at Quinnipiac," said Daniel Sullivan, a junior. "Every student values time with Jill because, simply put, she is awesome. If you have a meeting with Jill, you know that your day - and your career - will be better after it."

However, it's not just her students who benefit from Ferrall's knowledge, skills and good demeanor.

"I completely enjoy working with Jill," said Cindy Christie, assistant dean for career services in the School of Health Sciences. "Whether it's putting together a presentation for students, attending a conference or simply having our monthly lunch outing together, I always look forward to spending time with Jill."

Perhaps the reason Ferrall elicits such respect is because she is doing what she has hoped to do since she was an undergraduate student at Quinnipiac in the early 1990s.

"I love being back on campus," she said. "I love being at my alma mater. I work really, really hard because I love the students and contributing to their successes. I enjoy being able to help them feel more confident and comfortable."

And Quinnipiac will keep her mentally young forever, Ferrall said.

"The students here are good people," she said. "I feel so blessed to have the opportunity to work here every day."

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