Center for Excellence Honoree: Lisa Delaney

Lisa DelaneyLisa Delaney has not only touched students' lives -- she has saved them.

Delaney, a staff nurse in the Mount Carmel Health and Wellness Center, has been recognized for her efforts with the University's most prestigious honor, the Excellence in Service to Students Award. She was honored at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students Ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 13, in the Recreation Center on the Mount Carmel Campus.

Jeanne LeVasseur, professor and director of graduate nursing, would know. She recalls a time when Delaney saved a student's life who had taken an incorrect dosage of medication.

"Lisa seemed to be in eight places at once and in all of them, she was calm and effective," LeVasseur wrote nominating Delaney for the award. "Lisa is organized, informed, hard-working and smart. She is a great team-player who is helpful to others and she has a light touch that is genuinely warm and caring with students."

Among Delaney's responsibilities is treating students who may need anything from a bandage to a life-saving procedure.

"Lisa is an energetic person whose main goal at student health services is in helping all students who come into our office overcome not only their illnesses, but any of their fears," said Peggy Anderson, secretary in student health services. "She is the spark in everyone's day. She is caring and sensitive to the needs of our students."

Students say they have come to count on Delaney for treating them with compassion and a smile.

"No matter how busy or stressful it may be, I can always count on Lisa having a big smile on her face and is making everyone else at work laugh," said Jacqueline Lara '11. "She will remember students and greet them by their first names, making them feel appreciated when they step into the building. She is a wonderful nurse and person who provides the best service to students that she possibly can and you can see how much she loves what she does."

Delaney, who has been at the University since 1999, strives to make all students feel important, even when they have to wait a few minutes to be treated, students say.

"Always with a smile on her face and air of concern for others in her demeanor, Lisa is by far the most genuinely kind person I have met during my journey at Quinnipiac," said Amanda Curtin '11.

However, Delaney has done more than treat students. She has laid the groundwork for a major innovation in the department. "She has been an important part of the team responsible for implementing our electronic medical records," said Theresa O'Connor, a staff nurse in student health services. "This represented a major overhaul in our record-keeping and student-care documentation."

But Delaney's commitment to students extends well beyond record-keeping. "I have seen her clean the snow off a student's car who was ill and stayed the night at health services," O'Connor said.

Kathy Macaione, director of student health services, said Delaney possesses all of the positive traits the university values. "When one hears the words 'kind,' 'compassionate,' 'caring,' 'motherly' and 'knowledgeable,' the people who know Lisa immediately think of her," Macaione said. "Every student she ministers to is treated as she would like one of her own boys to be treated. She is a person who goes the extra yard to accommodate the needs of others."
Delaney said she was surprised by the recognition.

"I love my job. It's why I come to work every day," she said. "The people here are like my family."

Delaney said the award means a lot to her. "It's nice to be validated by your peers," she said. "It's nice to know you're appreciated."

However, for many at Quinnipiac, the award is long overdue.

"From the day I met her seven years ago it was not difficult to see how extraordinary a person she truly is," said Jennifer Zitser, a counselor in student health services. "The health and wellness center is a special place on campus because it provides care to students who are physically compromised and far away from home without the support of their families. These students are in need of some mothering and with Lisa, it comes naturally because it is who she is."

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