Center for Excellence Honoree: Dorothy Lauria

University Registrar Dottie Lauria brings a half-century of experience at Quinnipiac to every student she works with to ensure the most positive and beneficial experience and outcome possible.

Lauria has been recognized for her efforts with the University's most prestigious staff honor, the Excellence in Service Award. She was honored at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 25 in the Recreation Center on the Mount Carmel Campus.

"From a Student Affairs perspective, Dottie always drops what she is doing to help when students," said Terri Johnson, director of academic affairs. "Despite being extremely busy, she understands that students sometime require immediate attention and she works within the appropriate parameters to find a solution each and every time."

Lauria is a cornerstone of a student's experience at Quinnipiac.

"In Academic Affairs, Dottie is the backbone of many efforts and decisions that need to be precise, timely, and thoughtfully implemented," Johnson said. "From the University calendar to the logistics of initiating new programs, Dottie goes out of her way to share her knowledge and experience in a friendly and effective manner."

Lauria works with each student to achieve personal success.

"Dottie believes in individual student success and effectively leads a department to support students," said Daniel Brown, assistant dean of student affairs. "No matter what changes occur, she always has a way to find a way to adapt processes and policies to make it work. Dottie is Quinnipiac, she believes in this University and the betterment of the University community."

Lauria said she has had a great experience at Quinnipiac.

"What makes Quinnipiac, Quinnipiac is our gorgeous location and the fact that we try to respond to a curriculum that is appropriate for the time and for the future so we've been responsive to economic needs and to social needs," Lauria said. "We have managed to create a good environment for our students."

Lauria said she prides herself in building life-long relationships with her students.

"We like to tell freshmen that the registrar's office is establishing a lifetime relationship with them because for every course a student takes, we are the department that has record of that fact and as students that go out into their lives, whether it be graduate school or employment, every time a third-party needs to verify that that student attended Quinnipiac, the registrar's office is that point of contact," Lauria said.

The students seem to appreciate her efforts. "Case in point," Johnson said, "a few weeks ago, I witnessed one of her work-study students from 30 years prior stop by her office just to say, 'hello.'"

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