Center for Excellence Honoree: Janice Wachtarz

Janice Wachtarz, associate vice president for information services, is an unsung hero at Quinnipiac. She is someone who is involved in the daily lives of every student, faculty and staff member on the University's three campuses and yet works under the radar of most of the community.

Wachtarz, who has worked at the university for 30 years, has been recognized for her efforts with the University's most prestigious academic honor, the Excellence in Service to Students award. She was honored at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 25 in the Recreation Center on the Mount Carmel Campus.

Her responsibilities include overseeing the operations of Datatel, WebAdvisor, iStrategies, QStart and MyQ.

"She is responsible for all of our computer applications and her work impacts the entire community," said Lucille Marottolo, associate vice president for finance. "From the point of admission to beyond graduation, her oversight provides Quinnipiac with the ability to provide lifetime service to students and alumni."

However, her work goes beyond academic and information platforms. "Janice has been the major factor in simplifying the student vehicle permit application process," said David Barger, chief of public safety. "The system was developed and works flawlessly. It makes the process in which a student applies for, is assigned to a particular parking lot and receives the permit quicker and does not only benefit students with vehicles on campus, but with the Public Safety office in keeping track the number of vehicles in each lot."

Wachtarz is fast to respond to requests for help and guidance, Barger said. "Janice is a very pleasant person and exudes an enthusiasm for her job that is unparalleled," Barger said. "It doesn't matter what time of the day she is contacted regarding an IS problem, she will return a telephone call, an email or a text - and always with an easy to understand solution."

Wachtarz graduated Quinnipiac in 1982 and loved the school so much that she never left. "It doesn't feel like a job," she said. "It feels like you're coming to a place where you know people are going to be receptive to you and to change. The people with whom I have worked have always been receptive to continuous improvement to benefit both the students and the university as a whole."

Among her accomplishments for which she is most proud is spearheading Quinnipiac's QStart initiative. Administrators from across the university now work with incoming students to become acclimated with the processes and policies of the university in an innovative and paperless system.

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