Center for Excellence Honoree: Camille Bracale


Camille Bracale, of North Haven, works diligently to ensure Quinnipiac University students have a working environment that is conducive to learning. As a custodian, she is paid to ensure the College of Arts and Sciences facilities are both clean and functional, but she does so much more. Students, staff and faculty alike say she never passes by without sharing a welcoming smile or warm embrace.

Bracale has been recognized for her efforts with the university's most prestigious staff honor, the Excellence in Service Award. She was honored at the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students ceremony on Thursday, Oct. 24, in the Recreation Center on the Mount Carmel Campus.

"Camille is extraordinary," said Lisa Barratt, clinical associate professor of physician assistant studies in the School of Health Sciences. "Her dedication to the students and faculty is awesome. One word describes her performance: superior."

Bracale can be depended on to spread cheer and assistance wherever she goes, said Barratt, who met Bracale when she worked on the university's North Haven Campus.

"Despite the rigors of her job, she always has time to stop and give a little word of encouragement to students or faculty, time to help out someone in need and time to maintain the impeccable surroundings that we are so lucky to have," Barratt said. "She takes pride in what she does and it shows. A day without Camille is truly a day without sunshine."

In addition to working on the North Haven Campus and within the College of Arts and Sciences, Bracale, who joined Quinnipiac in 2005, has worked in the residence halls on the Mount Carmel Campus.

"I have to be proud of myself," Bracale said. "Quinnipiac does so much for its employees. I work really hard to give back for all of the wonderful opportunities the university has given me."

Bracale has made it her mission to create pleasant environments for the students.

"She is always smiling and is a great person to see on a daily basis," said Stephanie Colella, a 2013 graduate of the physician assistant graduate program. "There have been numerous times when I finished a test and was stressed or was just having an overwhelming day, and would run into Camille. She would turn my frown into a smile just by saying, 'hello.' She is a great person to have working at Quinnipiac and I am thankful in numerous ways for the work she has done here."

Cynthia Lord, clinical associate professor of physician assistant studies and 2008 Center for Excellence honoree, described Bracale as a friend.

"Camille takes prides in her work," she said. "She makes you feel like this is your home and all the students are her kids. She looks after them, encourages them and makes sure they are safe and well."

However, like a parent, she does more than just offer smiles and a clean environment.

"Whether she is finding coats, backpacks, keys, wallets or phones, Camille goes out of her way to find the student who lost their personal items and give them back," Lord said. "We all love Camille and thank her for making our busy and stressful days pleasant and nice with a clean, warm and welcoming environment."

Also being honored with the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students Award are: Leonard Engel, professor of English in the College of Arts and Sciences; Heidi Erickson, senior associate director of Undergraduate Admissions; Angela Mattie, associate professor in the Healthcare Management and Organizational Leadership department in the School of Business and Engineering; Andri Smith, associate professor of chemistry in the College of Arts and Sciences; and Marion Sparago, secretary in the School of Education.

Each recipient will receive a $3,000 cash award, a Center for Excellence sculpture and their names will be carved into the stone plaque in the Arnold Bernhard Library. They will also be featured in "Quinnipiac Magazine" and attend a luncheon with President John L. Lahey in April.

Members of the University community may nominate faculty and staff for next year's awards through April 15, 2014. Learn more

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