Excellence in Service to Students Award

The Excellence in Service to Students award will recognize members of the University community who have extended themselves beyond the scope of their regular responsibilities to greatly enhance the student experience.

Nominations for the award will be solicited from the University community (students, faculty, staff and alumni). The nomination period for 2016 awards is Jan. 1 - April 15, 2016. Nominees will be considered for two years.

Nominations can be submitted either online or by mail:

Quinnipiac University
Center for Excellence, AB-PRS
275 Mount Carmel Avenue
Hamden, Connecticut 06518

Nominations are evaluated based upon substantive, specific examples supporting the various criteria. Therefore, generalized positive comments — while complimentary — do not aid in establishing how and why the nominee deserves an award. Nominators may wish to collaborate with other co-nominators in completing the nomination form to make it as comprehensive as possible. The information provided on the nomination form will significantly carry the greatest weight in the consideration of a nominee. Nominees will be selected based upon the importance of his/her contributions to service to students and not upon the number of nominations received for any individual nominee.

All members of the University community are eligible for the Service to Students Awards. Although it is recognized that an employee may have distinguished accomplishments and a high level of service to students over time, no individual shall receive this award more than once over a three-year time period.

Awards Selection Committee
The awards selection committee is comprised of one faculty/staff member (serves as chair) and one student member of the board of the Center for Excellence, and three additional members of the University community, one of whom is a student.

The selection committee will evaluate the qualifications of all nominees and make recommendations to the board of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students, which will make the final decision. The awards will be presented at an annual awards ceremony in the Fall semester.

Once the committee has narrowed the list of nominees, members of the committee may discuss the nomination with the nominee's respective senior line officer.

Members of the board of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students may neither nominate nor accept a nomination while serving on the board. If nominated, a board member must decline the nomination or may resign from the board for the remainder of his/her term. Likewise, members of the selection committee may neither nominate nor accept a nomination while serving on the committee.

Recipient Awards:

  • Name placed on a stone and bronze sculptural plaque located in the Arnold Bernhard Library
  • An invitation to a Board of Trustees reception
  • A $3,000 cash award
  • An awards luncheon with the President and fellow award recipients
  • Recognition at the annual awards ceremony
  • Featured in the Quinnipiac Magazine

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