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The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Service to Students recognizes members of the Quinnipiac faculty for Excellence in Teaching. Nominations are encouraged from students, faculty, staff and alumni. Please explain, in two pages or less, why you believe the nominee is an excellent teacher and/or an innovative teacher.

Please note that nominations carry a great deal of weight in the consideration of semifinalists.  They will be evaluated based upon substantive, specific examples supporting the various criteria.  Therefore, generalized positive comments - while complimentary - do not aid in establishing how and why the nominee deserves an award.

The committee is interested in, for example: extraordinary ability to communicate knowledge to students or help them develop skills; extraordinary commitment to helping students learn; extraordinary efforts to reach out to students who are having difficulty learning; extraordinary ability to create a challenging and exciting learning experience; and use of novel or unusual teaching styles, techniques or approaches, learning environments, assignments, activities, curricula, technologies, or materials.

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