The mission of the Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching (CILT) is to foster the development of our faculty and staff as members of a community of engaged and effective educator-scholars, committed to excellence in student learning.

The center is pleased to offer a variety of services for members of the University community:

  • Workshops on a variety of pedagogical topics, including civility in and out of the classroom, lecturing techniques, active learning, flipped classrooms, discussion, etc.
  • Individual consultation with faculty on effective pedagogy, including department-based consulting
  • Research opportunities for faculty and student affairs personnel
  • Classroom observations for all faculty for preparation of promotion and tenure files
  • Resources for topics related to teaching and learning including books, journals and consultation
  • Training on using the latest technology in the classroom
  • Innovative teaching strategies, including the use of desirable difficulties and testing effect
  • Support for new faculty in terms of guidance for teaching and development of an approach to teaching

For more information, questions, suggestions or to join a committee, please contact:
Chris Hakala, director, at, or stop by the office the Center for Communications and Engineering, Room 312, Mount Carmel Campus.

Below, faculty and staff gathered for a message and updates from Mark Thompson, senior vice president for academic and student affairs, followed by workshops based on the Learning Paradigm in Action. Workshops explored the use of reflection in student advising, selection and training of Resident Assistants, the use of personal success plans in the freshman seminar, and How Learning Works.

Workshops + Events

Meet and Greet
Sept. 3, 2014
The Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching hosted part-time faculty for a meet-and-greet with the new center director, Chris Hakala. Full-time faculty were encouraged to attend to help integrate new part-time faculty members into the community. This will be a monthly event to provide support for part-time faculty members, who serve a critical part of the QU campus.

Oct. 16, 2014
The Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching will host a lecture by David B. Daniel, an award-winning teacher with over 20 years of classroom experience and the managing editor of the Journal Mind, Brain and Education. Daniel presented, "The Darkside of Pedagogy: When Good Intentions Hurt Learning."

About Us

Quinnipiac's Center for Innovation in Learning and Teaching is a network of faculty and staff who work to improve the quality of student learning by exploring the principles of effective teaching, supporting scholarship and encouraging communication and collaboration across campus. The center also works closely with academic and student affairs to support major campus initiatives.

Faculty members from all of the schools and colleges of the University are represented on the executive and steering committees, which work with the director, Chris Hakala, and academic affairs to determine campus needs.

Chris Hakala

Advisory Board
Terry Bloom, associate dean of the School of Communications
Sal Bondoc, associate professor of occupational therapy
Johanna Chelcun, clinical assistant professor of physician assistant studies
Lisa Coplit, associate dean for faculty development
Jessica Devine, assistant professor of education
Monique Drucker, associate vice president for student affairs
Kathy Harris, associate professor of physical therapy
Suzanne Hudd, professor and chairperson of sociology
Justin Kile, associate dean of engineering
William Kohlhepp, associate vice president of faculty affairs
Stan Kraus, professor of law
Paul LoCasto, associate professor of psychology
Cindy Porter, associate vice president of student affairs