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The National Institute for Community Health Education (NICHE) provides the public with balanced, in-depth discussion on health care issues. NICHE draws on the expertise of Connecticut hospitals, corporations and health maintenance organizations to provide this information and draw attention to Connecticut's preeminence in health care delivery, development and finance. NICHE also develops and publishes surveys on health care issues by the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Past Events

Lecture by Matthew Sanford
NICHE hosted a lecture by Matthew Sanford, author of the critically acclaimed book "Waking: A Memoir of Trauma and Transcendence," on March 28, 2012. Sanford spoke about the mind-body connection.
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"Be the Match" Bone Marrow Drive
NICHE sponsored a bone marrow drive Oct. 6, 2011. The event featured a presentation by Patrice Tillman, a bone marrow transplant recipient. More than 200 participants volunteered to have their cheeks swabbed, which is the first step in the process of becoming a donor.
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How Will Healthcare Reform Affect You, the Employer?
This panel discussion, held Nov. 3, 2010, addressed how healthcare reform will affect employers.

Panelists included: Phillip Brewer, University medical director; Cynthia Lord, director of the physician assistant program; Angela Mattie, associate professor of management; Lynn Price, associate professor of nursing; W. John Thomas, professor of law. The event was moderated by Edward O'Connor, dean of the School of Health Sciences.

Pictured: Ed O'Connor

Eat Local, Eat Healthy and Help Save the Planet, Too
Sustainability expert John Turenne visited campus Oct. 20, 2010, to discuss the meaning of food sustainability as it relates to producing and consuming food that promotes well-being and the planet.

As a nationally recognized leader and innovator in sustainable food practices, Turenne recognizes the impact of food service decision-making on the world. His consulting company develops practices to benefit the planet and his clients' bottom lines. He discussed simple steps individuals can take to lead more sustainable lives and eat from local sources. A farmer's market was held on campus following the lecture.

Pictured: John Turenne

Panel on health care reform
The National Institute for Community Health Education hosted the panel, "Health Care Reform: What it Means for You" on Oct. 29, 2009. University experts described some of problems plaguing the U.S. health care system and helped interpret current proposals to reform it.

Skyrocketing administrative costs -- 20 percent of the $2.2 billion price tag for health care in the U.S. -- is just one of the problems, explained John Thomas, professor of law. He sat on the panel with Cynthia Lord, associate professor and director of the physician assistant program in the School of Health Sciences, Angela Mattie, associate professor of management in the School of Business, and Phillip Brewer, M.D., University medical director. Edward O'Connor, dean of the School of Health Sciences, moderated the discussion.

Brewer described the struggle to get insurance companies to pay for services and criticized insurance executives for taking enormous salaries when millions of Americans are uninsured. Lord discussed the ways health care providers are collaborating to make patient care more effective and efficient, but stressed the patient's responsibiity to prevent costly medical problems with a healthy lifestyle.

Pictured: Dr. Philip Brewer

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