Charting a Path Toward Success

At Quinnipiac University, strong critical thinking and writing skills lead to more than higher grades. They improve students' understanding of concepts and theories, help them to gain confidence in expressing their own ideas, and establish the ground work for professional development and life-long learning.

But what is the best way to teach these essential skills? Members of Quinnipiac University Writing Across the Curriculum (QUWAC) are part of an international, faculty-driven initiative to improve student writing and critical thinking skills throughout all collegiate disciplines.

Also sometimes called Writing in the Disciplines (WID), the WAC initiative aims to research best-practices for effective teaching and then train faculty on how to implement these research-based strategies.

QUWAC provides training and consultations throughout the year for faculty and departments in order to assist individual professors and disciplinary programs to better understand how critical thinking and writing skills may be practiced and learned.

Our goal is to improve student learning and critical thinking across all disciplines through effective writing.

We invite you to learn more about us and the resources we offer.

For the latest information, you can check out our news and announcements page, our journal and our newsletter.

Learn more about the international WAC network.

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