Research and Writing Institute

The Research and Writing Institute is the administrative arm of QUWAC. Its mission is to build communities of learning, teaching and scholarship around critical thinking and writing pedagogies. To achieve this goal, the institute provides assistance to individual teachers, departments and schools. It assumes a lead role in disseminating WAC/WID strategies; supports scholarship, collaboration, and training; and maintains a repository of ideas, strategies and assignments proven to be successful in our program.

The institute allows the executive committee to focus on the strategic plan for the program, thus encouraging its development. Toward this end, it manages QUWAC's biennial conference, coordinates campus and off-campus training programs, maintains the WAC/WID Database; manages Double Helix, QUWAC's online journal; publishes QUWAC Notes, a biannual newsletter; and hosts faculty writing retreats.

For more information about the Research and Writing Institute, contact Paul Pasquaretta, director, at 203-582-8509; or via e-mail at

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