Kayla Ketcheson '13, MBA '14

Kayla Ketcheson

Kayla Ketcheson believes good business is based on team work. Her experiences at Quinnipiac in and out of the classroom have given her opportunities to hone her leadership skills and have led to a full-time job - before she's even graduated.

Ketcheson started out at a college in Texas but in her sophomore year decided she was looking for a better fit. Quinnipiac met her wish list with a challenging fast-track MBA program, a golf team and an idyllic campus with perfect seasonal weather.

"I was impressed that the business school was doing so well and was so competitive," said Ketcheson. "Once I saw the campus, I couldn't say no after that."

Because she only had two years as an undergraduate at Quinnipiac, Ketcheson wanted to make the most of it. She worked hard to maintain a high GPA to gain acceptance to the fast-track MBA program. The program allows students to earn a bachelor's and MBA in five years.

Entrance to the program is competitive but well worth the effort, explained Ketcheson. "The fast-track program is really unique and so helpful in putting me ahead in my career. I could have done a good job after I graduated with a bachelor's degree, but I wanted to do a great job. The MBA program has really helped fill in the gaps that five-years of experience in the field would have given me."

As an undergraduate management major, the Canada native interned at Deloitte in Winnipeg, Manitoba for two summers and then landed a full-time position after she graduates the MBA program in the spring.

"In my internship, I was given a lot of responsibility and even travelled to a different province on my own," said Ketcheson.

Ketcheson brought her experience back to her leadership roles at Quinnipiac. She was captain of the varsity golf team during her senior year and is working as a resident assistant for freshmen and sophomores while doing her MBA.

"I learned a lot about positive culture and team building in my internship," said Ketcheson. "When I came on as captain and then as an RA, I really tried to create a culture of family and understanding. I always encourage others to go out, try new things and do an internship, so that not only do they learn more, but they have a better understanding of what they want to do after they graduate because they've tried different things."

"Even after I graduate, I'd love to continue to mentor students and colleagues. The mentor/mentee relationship is a two-way street - you learn from each other."


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