Lexie Broytman '14

Lexie Broytman

Lexie Broytman is, quite literally, a model student.

A regular on the dean's list, the senior public relations major has strutted the runway at Fashion Week in New York City and sashayed in Milan and Florence, Italy.

"I love the runway," Broytman said. "It's a lot of energy and it's a lot of fun. I remember the excitement of running from show to show during Fashion Week.  You're just booked like crazy. It's a surreal feeling."

Broytman began modeling in high school, eventually signing professional contracts with elite agencies such as New York Model Management and Ford Model Management. The commuter student from Southington, Conn. said she selected Quinnipiac because of its exceptional public relations program and proximity to New York and Boston.

Broytman said it has not been easy balancing her academics and modeling career. During the Spring 2012 semester, for example, she commuted back and forth to New York City for six months, including for Fashion Week.

"I was just exhausted all the time," she admitted. "It was hard."

Broytman, who attends Quinnipiac on an academic scholarship, will graduate with a bachelor's degree in May 2014 and plans to immediately pursue a master's degree in public relations at the University.

For now, her modeling career is on hold.

"I really enjoy public relations. As a model, you get to see both sides of PR. I think modeling will be there for me if I choose to go back, but getting my degree is more important at this point," said Broytman, adding that Quinnipiac and New York Model Management have been extremely supportive in her endeavors.  "Quinnipiac certainly wanted me to pursue any dreams or aspirations that I have," she continued. "I'm most active with New York Model Management and they want their girls to get an education. A lot of women with degrees model for them. My ultimate goal would be to work in fashion PR."

Broytman, who has modeled for designers such as Salvatore Ferragamo, Marc Jacobs, Van Cleef & Arpels and Fendi, wore mostly business suits during Summer 2013 while interning at ICR, a public relations firm based in Norwalk, Conn.

"I think everybody has their own journey," she said. "I would certainly love to get some kind of contract from a makeup company or be the face of some campaign, but those jobs are few and far between. For now, I really want to get my degree."

July 2013 -- Photograph courtesy of Jessica Weiser for Coup Boston

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