Bringing field experience to the classroom

Lombardo pointing at screen on wall

Coming full circle

Robert Lombardo earned his undergraduate degree in radiology from Quinnipiac and now teaches part-time in the department.


obert Lombardo’s life was forever changed when he was drafted and deployed to Vietnam.

Wounded several times in combat as part of the 11th infantry brigade, Lombardo was ultimately reassigned to the 23rd medical hospital in Chu Lai. There he ran a hospital ward caring for recovering patients.

Lombardo in military uniform

Field experience

Robert Lombardo, a Quinnipiac graduate and part-time professor, on patrol as a combat medic during the Vietnam War.

“After two years in the Army, I was enrolled in the radiography program at Quinnipiac — and, after graduating, was employed at Yale New Haven Hospital working emergency room trauma in the radiology department and then on the cardiac lab,” he said.

After he retired, he met Gerald Conlogue, professor emeritus in our School of Health Sciences, who recruited him to teach students radiographic imaging techniques.

“Veterans Day is always special,” Lombardo said. “It’s a great time to honor all those who have served. I’m proud to be part of a great group, and I am thankful for the opportunity to have served.”

He said Quinnipiac is a great place to meet other veterans and share a sense of camaraderie and find support.

“Having combat experience gave me a greater appreciation of life and how precious it is,” Lombardo said.