Professor's passion helps to build students' overall experience

Headshot of John Greenleaf


rofessor John Greenleaf continuously works to build upon the Quinnipiac experience for his students. 

“Because of my passion for teaching, Quinnipiac was a natural choice to call my home,” said Greenleaf, associate professor of civil engineering and director of the civil engineering program. 

He helped to make Quinnipiac feel like home for many of his students throughout his six years at the university.

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“As a prospective student, I missed Admitted Student Days, but I wanted to see the School of Engineering one more time before I finalized my decision,” said Michael Neumann ’22. “Professor Greenleaf offered to give me a personal tour to show me everything the school had to offer. It’s clear he cares about all students — prospective and current.”

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For his tireless efforts, Greenleaf will be recognized with Quinnipiac's Center for Excellence in Teaching Award on October 17.

“I work hard to build rapport with my students and develop a classroom atmosphere that is inclusive, welcoming and safe,” said Greenleaf. “My teaching style and content are developed to accommodate the multitude of learning styles and the diverse body of students the populate the classes.”

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“John is a superb teacher,” said Byers. “His classes are consistently characterized by innovative instructional design, ingenious use of demonstrations, high-quality laboratory experiences, masterful delivery and a consistent orientation toward professional practice – with the perfect amount of enthusiasm and humor.”


Greenleaf demonstrates a concept using the water table in an engineering lab to two male students

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Greenleaf brings the material to life — transforms complex theory into practical, easy-to-understand concepts.

“I seek transformative experiences for my students and use my teaching to facilitate this change,” said Greenleaf. “My approach to teaching is simple: provide a high-quality and interactive experience coupled with mentored experiential learning.”

Greenleaf defined mentored experiential learning as contact time with students in excess of lectures. This time can be in the classroom, laboratory or field – wherever appropriate.

Greenleaf described his colleagues as some of the most innovative, passionate and dedicated professionals with whom he could ever dream of collaborating.

Greenleaf watches a female student work with a piece of equipment