Hundreds come out to support women's basketball team


Reaching New Heights

Members of #BobcatNation came out on Wednesday to show their support for your women's basketball team.


he Quinnipiac women’s basketball team is so hot right now — some might even say they’re on fire — that the Hamden Fire Department was called to the TD Bank Sports Center on Wednesday.

Head Coach Trisha Fabbri illustrated the team's goal of climbing two steps on a step stool earlier this season to showcase their post-season goals of winning the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament. Following the victory over No. 4 seeded Miami on Monday, President John L. Lahey said members of the team need a new way of illustrating the level of success the team has had.

"I'm going to get the Hamden Fire Department here," President John L. Lahey said following their win, indicating the team's ability to reach new heights. "There's no telling how high this school or team can go."

Head Coach Trisha Fabbri surrounded by women's basketball team players, celebrating

Members of the fire department heard and were inspired by the president's words — and wanted to show their support to the team as the team prepared for the Sweet 16, bringing the tallest ladder truck to the pep rally.

“It’s so nice that Quinnipiac has such a great community that they want to come out and show their support for their team,” she said to the several hundred people braving the cold for the rally. “It means so much and all these little things mean such a great deal to us and the team. This is another exclamation point that this is a great place and a great university.”

Adily Martucci ‘17, a guard for your women’s basketball team, echoed her coach’s words.

“This meant everything to me and to the team,” she said. “The support is tremendous!”

With multiple other sports teams coming out to support them, Men’s Ice Hockey player Chris Truehl ’18 said, “this rally really shows just how close all the programs are at Quinnipiac and how much we like to support each other.”

Felicia Duch ’18, said she was inspired by the strong sense of community at the rally. 

“It’s a show of support for a team that hasn’t gotten all the recognition they deserve,” she said. “It’s pretty amazing to see how this rally is bringing the Quinnipiac community together to support them.”

It wasn’t just students that shared the excitement though, as part-time admissions counselor and full-time Hamden firefighter Dave Beaton said.

“For the Hamden Fire Department and myself, it shows support of our community. When we heard President Lahey’s remarks, we knew it was a perfect chance to show our support for the girls by volunteering the use of our tower truck,” he said at the rally. “Quinnipiac is as much of a part of our community as anything else is, so for us to come up and show the girls some support, it’s a privilege.”

Cheer on your women’s basketball team on Saturday at 1 p.m.


Connecting with the Community

Members of the Sweet 16-bound Bobcats connected with fans at a pep rally on Wednesday. Here, Adily Martucci speaks to some of her youngest fans.