Law students experience appellate court hearings

The Connecticut Appellate Court hears arguments in the Ceremonial Courtroom.


uinnipiac Law students got a firsthand look into the Connecticut Appellate Court proceedings on April 10, when it held two oral arguments — one civil and another criminal — in the school’s Ceremonial Courtroom.


The event was hosted in the court’s tradition of “on circuit” arguments, when it brings its official proceedings into the community. Judge Douglas S. Lavine, Judge Nina F. Elgo and Justice Dennis G. Eveleigh presided over the case.

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Students had the unique opportunity to watch two cases unfold before them, and learn from practicing attorneys who fielded their questions. James Streeto, a public defender and part-time law professor at Quinnipiac Law introduced the session, providing guidance to students on preparing for an oral argument.

His three main tips were:

  1. Be prepared and know a case extremely well.
  2. Have an outline and know what key points you need to deliver.
  3. Be attentive to the questions asked by a Judge and try to anticipate them.

“The entire Quinnipiac University community was thrilled to see the judges on our campus doing the court's all-important work," said Jennifer Brown, dean of the law school.