MBA student adding MD to boost his career options

Sondheim stands with Birch in their white coats.

Standing tall

Samuel E. Sondheim, MBA ’18, MD ’19, left, stands with Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine classmate Robert Birch, MD ’18, during clinicals.


amuel E. Sondheim, MBA ’18, MD ’19, is a trailblazer. He set out to earn a medical degree from Quinnipiac in 2014 and along the path, he discovered that he had more than a passing interest in how health care systems operate. 

Story Continues

Sondheim took several courses in the School of Business as part of his capstone requirement for the Frank H. Netter MD School of Medicine and an idea began to take shape. He wondered if it might be possible for him to get both an MD and an MBA with the intention of practicing emergency medicine and blending that with a career in health care administration.