‘Stats Man’ makes MLB predictions


Hoping for a Home Run

Our own 'Stats Man' has made his Major League Baseball predictions.


e are officially one week into in the 2017 Major League Baseball season.

While some teams have charged out of their respective gates and others have stumbled, October is still six long months away. A lot can happen over the course of a 162-game season, and Quinnipiac’s own Dr. Stan Rothman, the Stats Man, offers his prediction on how he thinks the season will play out.

Last year, Rothman,  accurately predicted 5 of 6 division winners, 3 of 4 Wild Card teams, and that the Chicago Cubs, a team that that hadn’t won a World Series since before the Titanic sank, would be world champions — before the season even started. 

How did he arrive at these conclusions? By using the following linear formula: Lin W-L% = .000579*(Runs Scored – Runs Allowed) + .50, where Lin W-L% was a team’s expected winning percentage based on their (runs scored — runs allowed). For the 2017 season, Rothman took into account roster additions and subtractions to estimate a new runs scored/runs allowed for each team.