Inspiring the next generation of film makers at summer camp

Female student surrounded by 8 young girls, all looking at computer screen

Sharing passion

Danielle Filardi '21, MS '22 teaches a videography elective class at Camp Mataponi in Maine.


or as long as Danielle Filardi ’21, MS ’22 can remember, she has had a passion for television and film. This summer, she hopes to use the skills she’s acquired at Quinnipiac to spark that passion in the lives of young girls at a camp in Maine.

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This summer, the Illinois native is teaching 7- to 15-year-old campers videography skills and is creating short promotional videos at Camp Mataponi.

“My experiences at the camp have only increased my passion and excitement for what the future holds both in my academics and career path,” said Filardi.

Her enthusiasm for the artform has proven to be contagious as interest in her film class has tripled in just two sessions.

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Female student behind camera in a crowd of young girls

Putting knowledge to work

Filardi shoots footage for Camp Mataponi promotional videos to be shown on their website and YouTube channel.


“The professors at Quinnipiac exhibit passion in everything they do and teach, which has helped me to become more aware of how passion can inspire others,” Filardi, a member of the university’s Kappa Delta sorority, said. “The most appealing part about story-telling through videography is the composition and directing techniques I have learned to use to influence viewers’ interest and emotions.”

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Creating a network

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The accelerated dual-degree (3+1) BA in Film, Television and Media arts and MS in Sports Journalism program has enabled her to network with other students and professors throughout the schools of communications and business.

She is also producing a video for her former high school, showcasing where other alumni are now — and why they chose to attend there.

Looking toward the future, Filardi strives for a career in sports production — specifically, she hopes to work for the Chicago Bears or the Chicago Cubs.