Quinnipiac unveils new full wordmark



uring the past year, the University has been rolling out our new brand identity across our various communications channels.

As part this process, we achieved additional design knowledge as we applied the new design elements across hundreds of different applications. As a result, we determined that our secondary and full wordmark “Quinnipiac University” appears substantively different from our primary wordmark by giving too much weight to the word “university” at a time when our goal is to shift attention to the “Quinnipiac” brandmark.

Therefore, today we are announcing a redesigned “Quinnipiac University” full wordmark that achieves significantly better alignment with our primary wordmark, which simply uses “Quinnipiac.”  

This new wordmark design structure is also more closely aligned to higher education industry convention —namely how other prestigious institutions apply the word “university” to their primary wordmarks.

Please direct all brand identity guideline questions and/or logo requests to brand@qu.edu.