[From the N. E. Hist and Gen. Reg., vol. zvii.]

I WAS born of Godly Parents, that feared y= Lord greatly, even from their youth, but in an ungodly Place, where ye gen­erality of y8 people rather derided then imitated their piety, in a place where, to my knowledge, their children had Learnt wickedness betimes, In a place that was consumed w* fire in a great part of it, after God had brought them out of it.1 These godly parents of mine meeting with opposition & persecution for Religion, because they went from their own Parish Church to hear y* word & Receiv y° Ls supper &c took up resolutions to pluck up their stakes & remove themselves to New Eng­land, and accordingly they did so, Leaving dear Relations friends & acquaintace, their native Land, a new built house, a flour­ishing Trade, to expose themselves to ye hazzard of y6 seas, and to y* Distressing difficulties of a howling wilderness, that they might enjoy Liberty of Conscience & Christ in his ordi­nances. And the Lord brought them hither & Landed them at Charlestown, after many difficulties and hazzards, and me along with them being then a child not full seven yeers old.

1 In the copy of the N. E. Hist, and Gen. Register which belongs to the N. H. Col. Hist. Society is this manuscript note: - " Hedon, a village in the East Riding of Yorkshire, on the river Hum- ber, three miles from Hull, was almost entirely consumed by fire in the year 1656. H. D." The initials are those of Mr. Horace Day, a former secretary of the Society, t


After about 7 weeks stay at Charls Town, my parents removed again by sea to New-Haven in ye month of October. In or pas­sage thither we were in great Danger by a storm which drove us upon a Beach of sand where we lay beating til another Tide fetcht us off; but God carried us to or port in safety. Winter approaching we dwelt in a cellar partly under ground covered with earth the first winter. But I remember that one great rain brake in upon us & drencht me so in my bed being asleep that I fell sick upon it; but ye Lord in mercy spar'd my life & re­stored my health. When ye next summer was come I was sent to school to Mr. Ezekiel Cheever who at that time taught school in his own house, and under him in a year or two I profited so much through ye blessing of God, that I began to make Latin & to get forward apace. But God who is infinitely wise and absolutely soverain, and gives no account concerning any of his proceedings, was pleased about this time to visit my father with Lameness which grew upon him more & more to his dying Day, though he liv'd under it 13 yeers. He wanting help was fain to take me off from school to follow other employ­ments for ye space of 3 or 4 yeers until I had lost all that I had gained in the Latine Tongue. But when I was now in my fourteenth yeer, my Father, who I suppose was not wel satis­fied in keeping me from Learning whereto I had been designed from my infancy, & not judging me fit for husbandry, sent me to school again, though at that time I had little or no dispo­sition to it, but I was willing to submit to his authority therein and accordingly I went to school under no small disadvantage & discouragement seing those that were far inferior to me, by my discontinuance now gotten far before me. But in a little time it appeared to be of God, who was pleased to facilitate my work & bless my studies that I soon recovered what I had lost & gained a great deal more, so that in 2 yeers and 3 quarters I was judged fit for ye Colledge and thither I was sent, far from my parents & acquaintace among strangers. But when father 533

and mother both forsook me, then the Lord took care of me. It was an act of great self Denial in my father that not­withstanding his own Lameness and great weakness of Body Wch required the service & helpfulness of a son, and having but one son to be ye staff of his age & supporter of his weakness he would yet for my good be content to deny himself of that comfort and Assistace I might have Lent him. It was also an evident proof of a strong Faith in him, in that he durst adven­ture to send me to ye Colledge, though his Estate was but small & little enough to maintain himself & small family left at home. And God Let him Live to see how acceptable to himself this service was in giving up his only son to ye Lord and bringing him up to Learning; especially ye Lively actings of his faith & self denial herein. For first, notwithstanding his great weakness of body, yet he Lived til I was so far brought up as that I was called to be a fellow of ye Colledge and improved in Publick service there, and until I had preached several Times; yea and more then so, he Lived to see & hear what God had done for my soul in turning me from Darkness to light & fro the power of Sathan unto God, Wch filled his heart ful of joy and thankfulness beyond what can be expressed. And for his outward estate, that was so far from being sunk by what he spent from yeer to yeer upon my education, that in 6 veers time it was plainly doubled, Wch himself took great notice" of, and spake of it to my self and others to ye praise of God, wth Admiration and thankfulness. And after he had lived under great & sore affliction for ye space of 13 yeers a pat­tern of faith, patience, humility & heavenly mindedness, having done his work in my education and recent an answer to his prayers God took him to his Heavenly Rest where he is now reaping ye fruit of his Labo's. When I came first to ye Col­ledge, I had indeed enjoyed ye benefit of religious & strict edu­cation, and God in his mercy and pitty kept me from scandalous sins before I came thither & after I came there, but alas I had 534

a naughty vile heart and was acted by corrupt nature & there­fore could propound no Right and noble ends to my self, but acted from self and for self. I was indeed studious and strove to outdoe my compeers, but it was for honor & applause & preferm' & such poor Beggarly ends. Thus I had my Ends and God had his Ends far differing from mine, yet it pleased him to Bless my studies, & to make me grow in knowledge both in ye tongues & Inferior Arts & also in Divinity. But when I had been there about three yeers and a half; God in his Love & Pitty to my soul wrought a great change in me both in heart & Life, and from that time forward I learnt to study with God and for God. And whereas before that, I had thoughts of ap­plying my self to ye study "& Practice of Physick, I wholly laid aside those thoughts, and did chuse to serve Christ in ye work of ye ministry if he would please to fit me for it & to accept of my service in that great work.