T a general court held the loth of March, 164$, the names of people as they were seated in the meeting­house were *ead in court, and it was ordered they should be recorded, which was as followeth: -


" The middle seats have to sit in them : " 1st seat, the governor and deputy governor.
" 2d seat, Mr. Malbon, magistrate.
"3d seat, Mr. Evance, Mr. Bracey, Mr. Francis Newman, Mr. Gibbard.
" " 4th seat, Goodman Wigglesworth, Bro. Atwater, Bro. Seeley, Bro. Miles.
" 5th seat, Bro. Crane, Bro. Gibbs, Mr. Caffinch, Mr. Ling, Bro. Andrews.
" 6th seat, Bro. Davis, Goodman Osborne, Anthony Thomp­son, Mr. Browning, Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Higginson.
",7th seat, Bro. Camfield, Mr. James, Bro. Benham, Wm. Thompson, Bro. Lindon, Bro. Martin.
"8th seat, Jno. Meigs, Jno. Cooper, Peter Brown, Wm. Peck, Jno. Gregory, Nicholas Elsey.
" 9th seat, Edw. Bannister, Jno. Harriman, Benja. Wilmot, Jarvis Boykin, Arthur Halbidge. . 543

" In the cross seats at the end.

" 1st seat, Mr. Pell, Mr. Turtle, Bro. Fowler. " 2d seat, Thorn. Nash, Mr. AUerton, Bro. Perry. " 3d seat, Jno. Nash, David Atwater, Thorn. Yale. " 4th seat, Robert Johnson, Thorn. Jeffrey, John Punderson. " 5th seat, Thorn. Munson, Jno. Livermore, Roger Alling, Joseph Nash, Sam. Whitehead, Thomas James. " In the other little seat, John Clarke, Mark Pearce.

"In the seats on the side, for men.

" 1st, Jeremy .Whitnell, Wm. Preston, Thorn. Kimberley, Thorn. Powell.
" 2d, Daniel Paul, Richard Beckley, Richard Mansfield, James Russell.
" 3d, Wm. Potter, Thorn. Lamson, Christopher Todd, Wil­liam Ives.
"4th, Hen. Glover, Wm. Thorp, Matthias Hitchcock, Andrew Low.
" On the other side of the door.

" 1st, John Moss, Luke Atkinson, Jno. Thomas, Abraham Bell.
" 2d, George Smith, John Wakefield, Edw. Patteson, Richard Beach.
" 3d, John Bassett, Timothy Ford, Thorn. Knowles, Robert Preston.
"4th, Richd. Osborne, Robert Hill, Jno. Wilford, Henry Gibbons.
" 5th, Francis Brown, Adam Nicolls, Goodman Leeke, Goodman Dayton.
" 6th, Wm. Gibbons, John Vincent, Thomas Wheeler, John Brockett.



"In the middle.

" 1st seat, old Mrs. Eaton.
" 2d seat, Mrs. Malbon, Mrs. Gregson, Mrs. Davenport, Mrs. Hooke.
" 3d seat, Elder Newman's wife, Mrs. Lamberton, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Brewster.
"4th seat, Sister Wakeman, Sister Gibbard, Sister Gilbert, Sister Miles.
" 5th seat, Mr. Francis Newman's wife, Sister Gibbs, Sister Crane, Sister Turtle, Sister Atwater.
"6th seat, Sister Seeley, Mrs. Caffinch, Mrs. Perry, Sister Davis, Sister Cheever, Jno. Nash's wife.
" 7th seat, David Atwater's wife, Sister Clarke, Mrs. Yale, Sister Osborne, Sister Thompson.
" 8th seat, Sister Wigglesworth, Goody Johnson, Goody Camfield, Sister Punderson, Goody Meigs, Sister Gregory.
"9th seat, Sister Todd, Sister Boykin, Wm. Potter's wife. Matthias Hitchcock's wife, Sister Cooper.

" In the cross seats at the end.

" 1st, Mrs. Bracey, Mrs, Evance. " 2d, Sister Fowler, Sister Ling, Sister AUerton. " 3d, Sister Jeffrey, Sister Rutherford, Sister livermore. " 4th, Sister Preston, Sister Benham, Sister Mansfield. '*5th, Sister Ailing, Goody Bannister, Sister Kimberley, Goody Wilmot, Sister Whitnell, Mrs. Higginson.

"In the little cross seat. " Sister Potter the'midwife, and old Sister Nash

. 545

" In the seats on the side.

" 1st seat, Sister Powell, Goody Lindon, Mrs. James.
" 2d seat, Sister Whitehead, Sister Munson, Sister Beckley, Sister Martin.
"3d seat, Sister Peck, Joseph Nash's wife, Peter Brown's wife, Sister Russell.
"4th seat, Sister Ives, Sister Bassett, Sister Patteson, Sister Elsey.
" In the seats on the other side of the door.

" 1st seat, Jno. Thomas's wife, Goody Knowles, Goody Beach, Goody Hull.

" 2d seat, Sister Wakefield, Sister Smith, Goody Moss, James Clarke's wife.

" 3d seat, Sister Brockett, Sister Hill, Sister Clarke, Goody Ford.

"4th seat, Goody Osborne, Goody Wheeler, Sister Nicolls, Sister Brown."

Nine years later (Feb. n, i65f) the names of people as they were seated in the meeting-house were again recorded as follows: - .

" The long seats in the middle, for men.

" 1. The governor and the deputy governor.

" 2. Mr. Newman, magistrate.

" 3. Mr. Wakeman, Mr. Gibbard, John Gibbs, William Davis.

" 4. William Judson, Mr. Goodenhouse, Mr. Mullener, John Nash.

"5. Henry Lindon, William Andrews, John Cooper, Roger Ailing, William Thompson.

"6. Thorn. Munson, Sam. Whitehead, William Potter, Math. Moulthrop, Jno. Peakin, John Harriman, Christopher Todd.

" 7. Jno. Benham, Jarvis Boykin, Nich. Elsey, Ro. Tal-madge, Jer. How, Jno. Thompson, James Bishop.


" 8. Jno. Moss, Jno. Brockett, Thos. Morris, Andrew Low, Thos. Wheeler, Rich. Miles, jun., Jno. Thompson, jun.
"9. William Gibbons, William Paine, Jno. Winston, Edw. Parker, Edward Preston:

" The cross seats at upper end.

" 1. Mr. Tuttle, Mr. Jno. Davenport, William Fowler, Mr. AUerton, sen.
" 2. Mr. Caffinch, David Atwater, Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Yale.
" 3. Thomas Jeffrey, Jno. Punderson, Mr. Augur, Mr. Daniel.
"4. William Peck, William Bradley, Thomas Mullener.
" 5. Jos. Nash, William Russell, Jer. Osborne, Geo. Con­stable, Rich. Gregson, Francis Brown, Alien Ball, Thomas Johnson.

" In the little seat.

" Mr. Bowers, Thorn. Kimberley.

" In the seats on the side, on both sides of the door.

" 1. Thomas Powell, James Russell, John Hodson, Joseph Alsop.
"2. Richard Beckley, Henry Glover, John Chidsey, Thorn. Mix.
" 3. Abraham Doolittle, Matthias Hitchcock, John Jones, Thorn. Lamson.
" 4. Geo. Smith, John Thomas, James Clarke, Geo. Pardee.
" 5. Benj. Wilmot, Edwa. Hitchcock, Edwa. Patteson, Robert Hill.
"6. John Hall, Jno. Wakefield, Timothy Ford, Matthew Rqwe.
" 7. Nathaniel Merriman, John Tuttle, Thorn. Barnes, Peter Mallory.
" 8. William Bassett, John Benham, Martin Tichener, Philip Leeke.
" 9. Edward Camp, John Johnson, William Holt, Isaac White-head.


" Against the soldiers' seats.

" i. Jno. Sacket, James Eaton, Ralph Lines, Isaac Beecher, Abra. Kimberley.
" 2. John Ailing, Edward Perkins, Sam. Marsh, Joseph Benham.
" 3. Henry Morrell, Sam. Hodskins, William Blayden.

" On the bench before the little seat* " Henry Gibbons, Jno. Vincent.

" Before the governor's seat.

" Rob. Seeley, Rob. Johnson, Tho. Mitchell, Thomas Wheeler, senior.

"Before Mr. Gilbert's seat.

"Jer. Whitnell, Rich. Johnson, Ephraim Pennington, Rich. Hull.

" Before Mr. Tuttle's seat.

" Rob. Pigg, William Thorp, Henry Bristow, Thorn. Beamont.

" Before the pillar. " Edward Watson.


" The long seats.

"The first as it was. '
" In the second, Mrs. Newman added.
" 3. Mrs. Goodenhouse, Mrs. Gilbert, Mrs. Miles, Mrs. Wake-man.
"4. Mrs. Gibbard, Mrs. Tuttle, Goodwife Gibbs, Goodwife Davis.
"5. Jno. Nash's wife, Mrs. Caffinch, Mrs. Rutherford, Good-wife Lindon, Da. Atwater's wife.


"6. Goodwife Punderson, Mrs. Yale, Rob. Johnson's wife, Goodwife Seeley, Goodwife Todd, Goody Bradley.

" 7. Goodwife Camp, Goo. Osborne, Goo. Thompson, Goo. Moulthrop, Goo. Potter, Will. Russell's wife.

" 8. Goodw. Talmadge, Goodw. Parker, Goodw. Bishop, Goodw. Wheeler, Goodw. Hitchcock, Goodw. Clarke.

"9. Goodw. Wilmot, sen., Goodw. Wilmot, jun., Goodw. Brockett, Goodw. Hall, Goodw. Paine.

" Cross seats.

"1. Mrs. Allerton the elder, Mr. Goodyear's daughters.
" 2. Mrs. Bowers, Goodw. Fowler, Goodw. Jeffrey.
" 3. Goodwife Preston", senior, William Peck's wife, Goodw. Kimberley the elder.
" 4. Sam. Whithead's wife, Goodw. Benham the elder, Jer. Howe's wife.
, "5. Widow Peck, Tho. Johnson's wife, Goodw. Ball, Goodw. Mitchell, Goody Hull, Goodw. Thorp, Goodw. Wakefield.

" In the short seat. " Goodw. Nash the elder, Roger Alling's wife.

" In the seat before them. " Goodw. Pigg, Goodw. Browne.

"In the side seats all along.

" i. Mrs. Daniell, Mrs. Mullener, Mrs. Powell, Goodw. Chidsey.
" 2. Goodw. Mix, Mrs. Hodson, Goodw. Patteson, Goodw. Beckley. '
" 3. Goodw. Moss, Goodw. Thomas. Goodw. Doolittle, Goodw. Alsop.
" 4. Goodw. Bassett, Goodw. Smith, Goodw. Gibbons, Goodw. Morris.


" 5. Goodw. Ford, Goodw. Rowe, Goodw. Winston, Goodw. Hill.
" 5. Goodw. Tichener, Goodw. Leeke, Goodw. Pennington, Goodw. Pardee.
'" 6. Goodw. Barnes, Goodw. Merriman, Jno. Benham's wife, Edwa. Camp's wife.
"8. Goodw. Mallory, Goodw. Atkinson, Goodw. Marsh, Goodw. Hodskins.

" Before Mrs. Eaton' s seat.

" Goodw. Harriman, Goodw. Glover, Goodw. Andrews, James Russell's wife.
" Before the pillar. " Goodw. Low, Goodw. Elsey.

"Before Dea. Miles' seat. "Goodw. Whitnell, Goodw. Watson, Goodw. Halbidge.

"Before Mrs. Allerfon's seat. " Goodw. Judson, Goodw. Mansfield, Goodw. Copper.

"Permitted to sit in the alley (upon their desire) for conven­ience of hearing.

" Goodw. Beecher the elder, Goodw. Munson, Goodw. Boy-kin, Goodw. Beamont, old Another seating of the meeting-house is recorded Feb. 20,

" In the long seats for men.

" 1. Mr. Gilbert, with such other as may be called to ma­gistracy.
" 2. Mr. Jones, Mr. John Davenport, Jr., Mr. Yale, Mr. William Gibbard.

5 5O

"3. Mr. Goodenhouse, Mr. Turtle, William Judson, John Gibbs, Lieut. Nash.
"4. Mr. Hodson, William Andrews, John Cooper, Roger Ailing, James Bishop.
" 5. WiUiam Thompson, William Potter, Matthew Moulthrop, Christopher Todd, William Bradley, John Harriman.
" 6. Henry Glover, Nicholas Elsey, John Moss, John Thomp­son, John Brockett, John Winston, Thomas Mix.
" 7. Jeremy Howe, Nathaniel Merriman, Thomas. Barnes, George Smith, Timothy Ford, Ralph Lines, William Gibbons.
"8. Robert Hill, WiUiam Meeker, Ephraim Howe, Thomas Harrison, Matthew Rowe, John Johnson, Joseph Mansfield.
" 9. Edward Parker, Thomas Lamson, William Trowbridge John Ailing, Edward Preston.

" In the short seats at the upper end.

" 1. Mr. Rutherford, Mr. Mullener, John Punderson, David Atwater.
" 2. Mr. Field, Mr. Augur, Mr. Nathanael Street, Ensign Munson.
"3. Sergt. Whitehead, Sergt. Russell, Joseph Alsop, John Chidsey.
"4. Thomas Trowbridge, Thomas Johnson, Jeremiah Os-borne, Alien Ball.

" In the long seat next the wall. "John Gilbert, Geo. Pardee, Wm. Holt.

"In the little seat.

« "Thomas Kimberley, James Russell.

" Before this seat. " Hen. Gibbons, Wm. Bassett.


"In the side seats above the door.

"Thos. Powell, William Paine, James Clarke, Abraham Doolittle.
" 2. Matthias Hitchcock, Andrew Low, Benj. Wilmot, John Thomas, Humph. Spinage.
"3. Edward Patteson, John Tuttle, Richard,Sperry.
"4. John Sacket, Sam. Marsh, Peter Mallery, Robert Foot.

" Below the door.

"1. John Potter, Abraham Dickerman, Isaac Beecher, Thos. Kimberley, Jr.
• " 2. Jonathan Tuttle, James Eaton, John Clark, Isaac Turner.
" 3. John Benham, Geo. Ross, Martin Tichener, Philip Leeke.
"4. Anthony Elcot, Joseph Benham, Richard Newman, Joseph Potter.
"5. Henry Morrell, Samuel Hodskins, John Brown, Wm. Pringle.

"Against the soldiers' seats.

" i. Sam. Blackley, WU1. Wooden, Hen. Humiston, Wm. Wilmot.
" 2. Ellis Mew, James Brooks, John Osbill, James Dennison. "3. Wm. Chatterton, John Ware.

" Before the governor's seat. "Thos. Wheeler, Wm. Thorp, Richard Hull, Francis Brown.

" Before Deacon Miles his seat. "Jeremiah Whitnell, Thos. Morris, Richard Johnson.

"On the steps. " John Jackson.


"Before Mr. Rutherford's seat. " Hen. Bristow, John Hall, Thos. Beamont, Hen. Lines.

"Before the pillar. "Jeremiah Hull, Edward Perkins.

• "In the long seats for women.

" 1. Mrs. Goodyear, Mrs. Gilbert.
" 2. Mrs. Gregson, Mrs. Davenport, Mrs. Street, Mrs. Jones.
" 3. Sister Miles, Sister Peck, Sister Lindon, Sister Turtle, Sister Gibbard.
" 4. Sister Davis, Sister Gibbs, Sister Rutherford, Sister Hod-son, Sister Nash.
"5. Sister Atwater, Sister Johnson, sen,, Sister Judson, Sister Bishop, Sister Mix.
" 6. Sister Bradley, Sister Todd, Sister Moss, Sister Moul-throp, Goodwife Potter, Wm. Russell's wife.
" 7. Sister Osborne, Sister Thompson, Sister Talmadge, Sister Brockett, Sister Smith, Sister Doolittle.
" 8. Goodwife Mansfield, Goodwife Hitchcock, Goodwife Harrison, Sister Merriman, Sister Barnes, John Johnson's wife.
" 9. Ephraim Howe's wife, Ralph Lines's wife, John Potter's wife, Goodwife Spinage, Benj. Wilmot's wife> John Alling's wife.

" In the short seats at the upper end.

" i. Mrs. Allerton, Mrs. Mullener,'Mrs. Yale, Hannah Lam-berton.
" 2. Sister Punderson, Sister Kimberly, Sister Elsey.
"3. Thomas Trowbridge's wife, Wm. Trowbridge's wife, Sister Thorp, Sister Daniel.
" 4. Sister Howe, Thos. Johnson's wife, Sister Brown, Good-wife Paine.


"In the long seat next the wall.

" Sister Mitchell, Sister Low, Sister Holt, Sister Hall, Sister Morris, Goodwife Ford, Sister Jackson.

" In the little short seat. " Sister Ailing, Sister Parmelee.

" Before this seat. " Sister Pennington, Sister Bristow.

" In the side seats above the door.

" i. Sister Powell, Sister Jones, Sister Chidsey, Goodwife Alsop.
" 2. Sister Whitehead, Sister Humiston,' Sister Bassett.
"3. Goodwife Pardee, Sister Thomas, Goodwife Gibbons, Goodwife Rowe.
"4. Goodwife Meeker, Sister Marsh, John Turtle's wife, Thos. Tattle's wife.

" Below the door.

" Sister Tichener, Sister Leeke, Goodwife Dickerman, Good-wife Foot.
" 2. John Benham's wife, Joseph Benham's wife, Edward Preston's wife, Goodwife Hodskins.
" 3. Goodwife Mallery, Hen. Lines's wife, John Brown's wife, Goodwife Beecher.
" 4. Goodwife Newman, Goodwife Humiston, Joseph Pot­ter's wife, Goodwife Wooden.

" Before Deacon Peck's seat. " Sister Parker, Sister Beamont, Goodwife Ball.

" Before Mrs. Goody ear's seat.

"Sister Harriman, Sister Glover, Sister Munson, James Russell's wife.

5 54

" Before Mrs. Allerton's seat. " Sister Field, Sister Clark, Goodwife Sperry.

" Before the pillar.

" Sister Cooper.
" Sister Andrews and Sister Boykin had liberty, for conven­ience of hearing, to sit in the alley."