AIDS research pioneer David Ho lectures on campus

April 12, 2011 - AIDS research pioneer Dr. David D. Ho visited campus April 12, 2011, to deliver the lecture, "The AIDS Pandemic." The event was co-sponsored by the Office of Community Service and the Albert Schweitzer Institute.

Ho was named Time magazine's "Man of the Year" in 1996 after he devised the cocktail of protease inhibitors and other antiviral drugs which has brought about remarkable recoveries for many HIV-positive patients. The focus of his research has now moved from the treatment of AIDS to the development of vaccines for the disease. Ho also heads a consortium of organizations in China and the United States, working to address the crisis of HIV-AIDS in China.

Ho is currently scientific director and chief executive officer of the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York City, the world's largest private research center dedicated exclusively to fighting HIV.