Beckett and Conlogue present research findings at meeting in Peru

Nov. 8, 2011 - Ronald Beckett and Gerald Conlogue presented at a Paleopathology Association meeting in Lima, Peru on Nov. 2, 2011.

Beckett and Conlogue presented "A Field Radiographic and Endoscopic Study of the Mummies from Laguna de los Condores, Peru: A Paleopathological Analysis" with Sonia Gillen, of Centro Mallqui in Peru, and Joe Salazar, a field archeologist in Peru.

Beckett, Conlogue and Guillen also presented "Evidence of Severe Bowel Obstruction in a Chiribaya Mummy from the Osmore River Valley, Peru: A Case Study and Probable Cause of Death."

In addition, Beckett, Conlogue also presented "Bringing Imaging into the 21st Century" with Kristen Horner, a Quinnipiac alumna who assisted in the digitalization of hundreds of radiographs of mummies from the Laguna de los Condores near Leymebamba, Peru.