Academic Policies regarding graduation
Bachelor’s Degree
  1. Satisfactory completion of at least 120 semester hours, of which the final 45 must be taken at Quinnipiac. (Certain majors require the completion of more than 120 hours; see specific departmental requirements.)
  2. Completion of core curriculum common to all baccalaureate programs.
  3. The satisfactory completion of the specific course standards and requirements of a student’s chosen major.
  4. A grade point average of at least 2.0, with at least that average maintained during the final 60 hours of study, and any other GPA requirements imposed by the school, the department or the program.
  5. School of Business students must complete a minimum of 50 percent of the business courses required for the degree at Quinnipiac (exclusive of 6 hours of economics).
  6. Up to 6 hours of workshop courses or physical education may be applied to the degree requirement.
  7. Recommendation of the faculty.

Degrees with Honors: (Bachelor’s Degree)
Students who have demonstrated superior scholarship and who have attended Quinnipiac for at least 60 credits immediately prior to graduation are eligible to receive degrees with honors. Designation is based on grade point averages as follows:

  • Cum laude 3.50 – 3.69
  • Magna cum laude 3.70 – 3.89
  • Summa cum laude 3.90 – 4.00

Graduation Review Committee
Students may track their degree requirements at their online WebAdvisor account, using the link for Academic Evaluation Report. The report will indicate completed status once all requirements are satisfied. The Academic Evaluation Report is also used by the Graduation Review Committee. This committee is comprised of faculty representatives from each school, and it convenes in January, May and October. The committee reviews the record of each student; once the committee has verified that the requirements have been met, Quinnipiac will mail diplomas to each student’s permanent address.

Degrees are awarded three times per year: January, May and October. Each time, the Graduation Review Committee will meet to verify that degree requirements have been met. Once approved, a student's degree information will be updated on his or her record and the diploma will be mailed according to the following timetable:

January graduates: Diplomas mailed early February
May graduates: Diplomas mailed early June
October graduates: Diplomas mailed mid-October

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