Committee members present at New England conference

QUWAC committee members
From left: Quinnipiac professors Mark Hoffman, Joan Kreiger and Paul Pasquaretta

June 18, 2013 - Quinnipiac's Writing Across the Curriculum committee members Joan Kreiger, part-time faculty member in the Department of Biomedical Sciences; Mark Hoffman, professor of computer science; and Paul Pasquaretta, director of the Research and Writing Institute, presented "From WAC to WID: Applying Principles of Course Design to the Majors," at the New England Faculty Development Consortium's spring conference in Westford, Mass. on June 14. 

The presentation demonstrated how some of the same critical thinking and writing techniques that faculty use in their individual courses may be employed by departments interested in linking assignments, courses and outcomes throughout a four-year program of study. The presentation focused on the experiences of Kreiger and Hoffman, who worked together as part of a Davis Educational Foundation-funded grant to develop and implement a writing in the disciplines consultation model.

Kreiger described the role of extra-disciplinary consultants in engaging department faculty in productive dialogue about curriculum strategies and outcomes, while Hoffman, as a representative of the computer science faculty, described the affects of Writing in the Disciplines consultation on the department's identity and mission. The presentation received high marks from the audience which appreciated the opportunity to ask questions and join in the conversation.