Faculty attend Research and Writing Institute's writing retreat

Jan. 13, 2012 - The Research and Writing Institute hosted a biannual faculty writing retreat at its offices at 430 Mount Carmel Avenue on Jan. 10-11, 2012.

Participants included Tracie Addy, assistant professor of biology; Kathy Czepiel, adjunct professor of English; Sean Duffy, professor of political science; Tracy Hallstead, an academic specialist in the Learning Center and part-time faculty in QU101; James Kirby, associate professor of chemistry; Elizabeth McGann, professor of nursing; Frederick Raudat, part-time faculty in QU101; Vrinda Saxena, adjunct professor of media studies; and Andri Smith, associate professor of chemistry.

Writing projects ranged from research essays to grant applications to critical thinking assignments to historical fiction. "The group appreciated the dedicated time and space to write, feedback from writers with similar goals and the opportunity to make substantial progress on their work," said Paul Pasquaretta, institute coordinator who facilitated the retreat.

The retreat concept was initiated by collaboration between QUWAC and Thinking Writing, Queen Mary University of London in May 2011. The institute plans to host another retreat in May 2012.